Theme Activate Hook

I would like to write a function to email me the URL of the website when my theme is activated.

What is the hook initiated when the theme is activated?

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I have that code here just name the file theme_activation_hook.php like on the website and copy this.

 * Provides activation/deactivation hook for wordpress theme.
 * @author Krishna Kant Sharma (
 * Usage:
 * ----------------------------------------------
 * Include this file in your theme code.
 * ----------------------------------------------
 * function my_theme_activate() {
 *    // code to execute on theme activation
 * }
 * wp_register_theme_activation_hook('mytheme', 'my_theme_activate');
 * function my_theme_deactivate() {
 *    // code to execute on theme deactivation
 * }
 * wp_register_theme_deactivation_hook('mytheme', 'my_theme_deactivate');
 * ----------------------------------------------

 * @desc registers a theme activation hook
 * @param string $code : Code of the theme. This can be the base folder of your theme. Eg if your theme is in folder 'mytheme' then code will be 'mytheme'
 * @param callback $function : Function to call when theme gets activated.
function wp_register_theme_activation_hook($code, $function) {
    $optionKey="theme_is_activated_" . $code;
    if(!get_option($optionKey)) {
        update_option($optionKey , 1);

 * @desc registers deactivation hook
 * @param string $code : Code of the theme. This must match the value you provided in wp_register_theme_activation_hook function as $code
 * @param callback $function : Function to call when theme gets deactivated.
function wp_register_theme_deactivation_hook($code, $function) {
    // store function in code specific global
    $GLOBALS["wp_register_theme_deactivation_hook_function" . $code]=$function;

    // create a runtime function which will delete the option set while activation of this theme and will call deactivation function provided in $function
    $fn=create_function('$theme', ' call_user_func($GLOBALS["wp_register_theme_deactivation_hook_function' . $code . '"]); delete_option("theme_is_activated_' . $code. '");');

    // add above created function to switch_theme action hook. This hook gets called when admin changes the theme.
    // Due to wordpress core implementation this hook can only be received by currently active theme (which is going to be deactivated as admin has chosen another one.
    // Your theme can perceive this hook as a deactivation hook.
    add_action("switch_theme", $fn);

I have written a code which provides a reliable activation/deactivation theme hooks. Please check it out and let me know what you guys think!

There is no specialized hook for this. I have seen couple of approaches:

  • switch_theme hook with checking for your theme – Execute “Setup” Code on Activation only?
  • detecting admin page after theme activation – Set options on activation Themes

I want to note that emailing yourself any information without user’s consent (and running anything on activation has no opportunity to request such) can be viewed as inappropriate.

WordPress now provides this hook as after_switch_theme. You can use it like so:

add_action('after_switch_theme', 'my_theme_activation');

function my_theme_activation () {

You can use the switch_theme hook to run code on theme deactivation as well.


Place this code at the top in your functions.php

<?php if ( is_admin() && isset($_GET['activated'] ) && $pagenow == "themes.php" ) {
// do your stuff
$url = get_site_url();
// The message
$message = "a new wordpress theme is activated on $url ";

// In case any of our lines are larger than 70 characters, we should use wordwrap()
$message = wordwrap($message, 70, "\r\n");

// Send
wp_mail('', 'theme geactiveerd', $message);


replace with your own email address.

Hope it helps.