Upload .doc to blog

All my blog contents are well prepared in MS Word. Some contents have image flow chart.

On copying the contents from Word doc, i am not able to copy the Images.

How should i copy both contents and images from word doc to the Blog?


Is there any way to upload each doc file which will directly extract the contents including images from Word doc to the WordPress.

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The better way would be to use Windows Live Writer. It’s a Microsoft product that’s part of the Windows Live Essentials suite.

This program allows you to copy-paste content from a Word document, or just build the post out as you would in Word. But the advantage is that it can also talk directly to your WordPress site using XML-RPC.

This means you can write your post locally, format images locally, and get everything set up locally just as you would in Word. Then you hit publish, and Writer will push the content and your images to your site.

WordPress is a Content Management System that is designed for content to be created within the application itself; it is not a Microsoft document conversion system.

I recommend that, if you intend to publish your content via a content management system such as WordPress, you get out of the habit of developing your content in non-CMS applications, and instead get in the habit of creating your content within your CMS.

WordPress supports rich-text editing, which precludes the need to pre-format your text in a word processor. WordPress also supports attachment/insertion of images and other types of embedded content. If need to include a flow chart, create it in Visio (or your app of choice), save it as an image, and upload/attach it via the in-post media manager.