User roles – enable custom posts disable posts

Im just wondering if its possible to create user role that allows to write/edit custom post type for example: Consultants, but not allow to write normal posts (used for as news for example).

I know that if user wants to edit posts its a must to have edit_post enabled for him. Question is if i can create something like: edit_[custom_post_type] or something?

Thanks in avance if anyone can help me with this issue…

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I suspect that Justin Tadlock’s Members Plugin would make this very easy for you.

When you register your custom post type, explicitly set the capability type;

register_post_type( 'my_type',  array(
    'capability_type' => 'my_type',
    // other args
) );

Now by default, only super admins should be able to add/edit/delete them, until you grant other roles the relevant capabilities (for example, as @tnorthcutt suggested, using the Members Plugin).

[edit_post] => edit_my_type
[read_post] => read_my_type
[delete_post] => delete_my_type
[edit_posts] => edit_my_type
[edit_others_posts] => edit_others_my_type
[publish_posts] => publish_my_type
[read_private_posts] => read_private_my_type