Way To Store Global Meta Values

When using posts there is a way to store meta values on a per post level. Is there a way to store values on a global site value? I want to save a numeric value that isnt tied to any single post.

I was thinking i could just do something like

get_post_meta( 0, 'somevalue', true );

This will work, but it will still be storing the value as a post field. is there anything specific that was designed for this

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Yes there is Option API to store site global data.

You can store some global values using add_option() then can retrive values as get_option()


add_option( 'option_name', 'option_value', 'deprecated', 'yes' );
update_option('option_name', 'option_value', 'yes');

//Get the value
$your_data = get_option('option_name', 'option_default_value');
echo $your_data;