What is best forum script available to integrate with wordpress?

Ok i have a wordpress site network. I would like to setup a support forum for my site. But i don’t want users to signup in different pages. I mean i want my users to use the same wordpress login credentials in forum too. Is there any forum plugin available there. Thanks
PS: Is it possible using bbpress?

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take a look at Mingle Forum plugin, which is nice, simple and did the job for me on a couple of sites.

also bbPress looks promesing but its still in a beta stage like @Rarst pointed out.

and last you have SimplePress which is by far the most feature rich forum plugin I’ve seen.

Yes! bbPress is the best way to go. There are two options for you.
Either the standalone version or the new WordPress plugin named bbPress. Give them a spin, you will find the latter one easy to start up a forum but former has a good number of plugins, whereas the new plugin doesn’t have much plugins as of now.

Ive been testing out Vanilla forums and it works well, should check it out.