What is the right way to make custom main page?

I am making a custom theme and I want the main page to be a gallery, not a blog,
is it right to change index.php to a gallery page (content wise) or should I use another page?

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There are definately a few ways of achieving this functionality. I assume by “main page” you mean the home page…

a. Create a new page called “home”
b. In your site settings change your homepage to point to the “page” home, rather then grabbing your 10 newest posts.
c. Now you have a page hook which you can build a custom template for in one of two ways.

1.) Use wordpress “custom page templates” to create a new template and apply to the new “home” page in “edit page”


2.) You can simply create a new file called “page-home.php” (ensuring the slug of your new home page is “home”) and WP will use this page template instead….

Solution 2 is more streamlined for progamming if your clients don’t need to apply templates themselves.

Hope that’s helpful to you

front-page.php may be a more appropriate template. index.php is the fallback for all types so should probably remain generic. see the template hierarchy for details.