Where to update the Static Pages Blacklist for Multisite Install?

Where in the menu system is the link to this blacklist?

As referenced in the codex https://codex.wordpress.org/Multisite_Network_Administration

Also note that the blog prefix is not used for static pages which will
be accessible directly under the base address, e.g.
domain.com/PAGENAME. If you try to create a static page in the first
site with the name of another existing site on the network, the page’s
permalink will get a suffix (e.g. domain.com/PAGENAME-2). If you
create a new site with the slug of an existing static page, the static
page will not be reachable anymore. To prevent this, you can add the
names of your static pages to the blacklist
so that no site with that
name can be created.

After a few different searches I cannot find another reference to this static pages blacklist. I want to add a few pages like “contact,about,ect…”. I have my wordpress setup and using multi-site.

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