Woocommerce override mini-cart.php not working

I am trying to override mini-cart.php which is template file located at woocommerce/cart/mini-cart.php. It should override behaviour of woocommerce widget cart but it isnt working. I can make any changes to the file but it looks like it is still loading from some other place and it is not overriden. I have also tried modifying core template files of woocommerce and deleting mini-cart.php from it but widget is still working. However mini-cart.php structure looks exactly the same as html structure generated in final. But it looks like woocommerce isnt using this file so it has probably changed by some update and mini-cart.php is just remain from later versions. Any ideas what file should I override to change look of widget cart?

I dont want to completely override whole core widget cart class because I just want to change one <span> to <p>.

Thanks in forward

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Have you made sure to copy the mini-cart.php into yourtheme/woocommerce/cart/ not just yourtheme/woocommerce I can say for certain this works in Woocommerce version 2.0.12

Also if your saying that editing the core file isn’t working is it possible that its getting override some where else in your theme. Could be worth searching your theme directory code for woocommerce_before_mini_cart seeing if thats used some where else.

I had this same problem. You must clear cache (or just delete cookies) before you will see your override. Not sure why 🙂

As Mark Davidson said to over ride mini-cart.php you need to place it in a file that you have to name in your theme

yourtheme / woocommerce / cart / mini-cart.php

But you have to remember that for changes to take effect you need to go back into the widgets page of wp-admin and re-save the shopping cart widget each time you make a change or they will not show up.