WordPress 3.6, searchform.php problems

I have just updated to wordpress 3.6 and my theme seems to be ignoring my searchform.php file. Has this happened to anyone else?

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The answer is taken from WordPress.org Support Forum thread:
» 3.6 upgrade – searchform.php not working

As salcode said:
Adding this code to your functions.php should do the trick:

function search_form_no_filters() {
  // look for local searchform template
  $search_form_template = locate_template( 'searchform.php' );
  if ( '' !== $search_form_template ) {
    // searchform.php exists, remove all filters
add_action('pre_get_search_form', 'search_form_no_filters');

And as from the experience from RoseCoder, you can remove the searchform.php as it was no longer needed.

In WordPress 3.6 searchform.php in your theme is still used by get_search_form(), unless is filtered out via get_search_form hook.

Sample code from get_search_form():

$search_form_template = locate_template( 'searchform.php' );
if ( '' != $search_form_template ) {
    require( $search_form_template );
    $form = ob_get_clean();
} else {
    // compose the template, WordPress way

$result = apply_filters( 'get_search_form', $form );
if ( null === $result )
    $result = $form;

if ( $echo )
    echo $result;
    return $result;

Your problem was most likely generated by a faulty theme.