WP JSON REST API (Ryan McCue) how to query posts with specific meta data with 'AND' relation?

I use Wp_query class to query my posts. 15 posts are in a template fetched on page load and their filtering works fine.
Infinity scroll fetches for other posts using JSON restful services. The filter on the server side works fine but I don’t know how to transfer the logic from the server to a proper query.

Meta_query array passed to Wp_query on the server:


  0 =>  array (size=3)
    'key' => string 'homepage' (length=8)
    'value' => string 'false' (length=5)
    'compare' => string 'NOT EXISTS' (length=10)
  1 => array (size=2)
    'key' => string '_newsml_id' (length=10)
    'compare' => string 'NOT EXISTS' (length=10)
  'relation' => string 'AND' (length=3)

How to translate that into the query?
something like:




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Sorry for answering my own question but it may help some other devs too.

I created this additional filter ‘json_query_var-meta_query’that returns the necessary arguments.

function adjustQrry($data){
    $args = array();
    $args['relation'] = 'AND';

    foreach ($data as $key=>$value) {
        if ( 'relation' === $key ) {
            $args['relation'] = $data['relation'];
        if (  substr($key, 0, 3) === 'key' ) {
            $arg_num = substr($key, 3);
            $args[(int)$arg_num]['key'] = $value;
        if (  substr($key, 0, 7) === 'compare' ) {
            $arg_num_comp = substr($key, 7);
            $args[(int)$arg_num_comp]['compare'] = $value;
    return $args;

add_filter('json_query_var-meta_query', 'adjustQrry', 10, 1);

Now, I can call JSON restful like that to mimic the Wp_query posts filter already on the server:



what about WP REST API V2?
I think this is not working on v2!

add_filter('json_query_var-meta_query', 'adjustQrry', 10, 1);

should it be like this?

add_filter('rest_query_vars-meta_query', 'adjustQrry', 10, 1);