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Ask logged in user to re-enter password to access page “x”

For security reasons, I want to request logged in users to re-enter their passwords to access certain pages on my the site. How can I accomplish this? I’m using WordPress 4.4

How to direct my site to the proper URL without Dashboard

While messing around in the settings on the Dashboard, I changed the address of the site into a subdomain of the site. This means that WordPress forwards all links to a subdomain (ex: redirects to Because the dashboard itself is on a subdomain in WordPress it also gets redirected to an unknown address. […]

Access denied error when logged in as admin

What are the possible causes for getting the “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” message when logged in as admin? I’ve done a lot of searching and found a lot of possible solutions, but in my case they haven’t worked. In my case I’ve taken a copy of a database off […]

Access for adding subpages but not for pages

For every website project, i make the wordpress admin custom for the client. Right now, i want that the client only has access to add subpages. I have a main navigation on the website. I want that the main navigation is fixed, so the client can not add pages to the navigation. But the client […]

Add access control origin header information across multisite

I want to add the below snippet to my wordpress installation. <?php header(“Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *”);?> I don’t want to add it in every template header as there are many of them and I have 60 networks with 2-3 sites in each network. In what file should I add this snippet so that it has effect across […]

User gets access denied to css files and js files even though user is logged in

We are using wordpress as a intranet, we have the AD Integration plugin. Everything is working fine except for one user. Now there is no difference in settings on his machine or user profile or AD profile to any other user. But for some reason when he logs in he gets access denied to all […]

One Site as a part of Multisite to be hidden (Un-published) from Public?

Lets say i have some sub-domains under one single Multi-site: <—- hide from public access (Protected) How do i HIDE the one site only, from the public access. (or) Put the site as something like Unpublished (or) dark site? ** HIDE means prevent the “Public” users to see the site. (or) Something […]

How can I change access permissions across many pages?

Is there a way to change who can access a large subset of pages at once?

access control for assets in a website powered by wordpress

My organization has a website powered by wordpress. We are using pagebuilder to design pages. We also have some assets (pdf files, ppts) etc. Currently everyone can access these files. I need to modify them so that there is some access control. So the first suggestion to provide the access control was “register” each user […]

How to restricted a page

How to restricted a page in wordpress. For example : user [without login] can see 5 of game list. [] and after click ‘view more’, user must login/register and after that, user can access full/100 game list. [] Anyone know to make it without plugin? thank you