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WordPress Multisite prevent direct access to subdomain

Hi I have create a multisite in WordPress and I use the main domain for the central website that projects 13 eCommerce stores with subdomains. I want my client/visitor to connect to the subdomain through main domain. I do not want to be connected directly to the subdomain If tries to connect directly I want […]

Give editors access to particular plugin – turn “admin.php” into “edit.php”

I’m using the Business Opening Hours plugin. I made it appear in the sidebar using the Client Dash plugin, but when the Editor clicks it, they cannot access it, only the Admins, how can I change that? I found some code snippets in the plugin, can I change something here? if( is_admin() ) $bizohours_settings_page = […]

how to assign more permission to wordpress author

I have installed jw player plugin so that users of my site could upload their videos. Right now, admin can only see jw player menu on the admin panel and he can only upload videos and use this plugin. I have created an author as author is able to add/edit/delete his posts. My problem is […]

Restrict dashboard access for specific user roles to specific actions

I have a script that enables a logged in user (role Author) to delete their own posts using get_delete_post_link(). However, I also want to be able to restrict the author’s access to the dashboard. Any attempt to do so using a plugin (Theme my Login, for example) or a simple script like those linked below […]

Restrict access to specific users

Is there a built-in function that would allow me to restrict access to registered users until the official launch date in WordPress 3.4.2? The blog is self-hosted.

Access on specific pages in wordpress for a specific user

My Question is regarding User access control in wordpress I have two user – admin (admin access) and user1(editor). My requirement is admin can do any modification in admin site. But user1 can only edit and update some pages and no access other access except assigned pages. I have no idea how to implement this […]

Restrict users on multisite WordPress install

I have a series of sites that I maintain as part of a WordPress multisite install. I’d like to be able to create users accounts that are restricted to viewing only a single one of these sites. Is this possible? Once this is accomplished, is there a way to determine this permission status programmatically? I’d […]

Restrict acceess of a page in backend

How can I restrict editing of a page from backend only to a specific user? I tried a few plugins but I thought doing it without plugins would be the way to go for me. What measures I can take to solve this?

Access code/password only restricts page access, no user registration..?

Does anyone know of a plugin that will allow for a simple access/invite code to be given out, and when entered, will allow access to a certain page? I’m looking to only have one input field and no user registration needed to access a certain page of the site, and to just be able to […]

Troubleshooting a “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” error

I have a multisite installation running WP 3.5. My main site and a few other blogs on the network work fine. However, if I register a new user and site, that user gets the “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” error any time they try to visit the admin panel of […]