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How to create an optionally available stylesheet for visually impared users?

I have a WP website that I would like to make easily accessible for visually impaired users. I don’t want to modify the default stylesheet, nor I would like to use any plugins, so I am looking for a solution with button or link that would turn on/off a specially designed stylesheet. My questions… Is […]

Can i legally remove a credit from a free plugin on

I am using this accessibility plugin: I didn’t like to logo in the bottom of it that adds a link to the plugin site so I removed it via css. But I couldn’t find anywhere any clarification on this, how the plugin is licensed, and can I just remove the logo without worrying of […]

How to change the wordpress navigation bar UL to OL in Twenty_Twelve similer theme

I’am trying to make a wordpress website accessibility compliant but I have come across a problem with menu bar. It uses a modified them based on Twenty_Twelve. I need to change the “ul” tag to “ol” which is required to make it compliant. ( I tried Edit HTML of WordPress navigation bar following solution but […]

How can I make a site viewable in multiple languages?

I am aware of the question What are options are there to implement a multi language site, but the answers there are focused on multi-language support on the backend as well as the frontend. I am only concerned with offering multi-language viewing of a site’s content, not multi-language content creation. Could it be as simple […]

Accesibility problems with dropdown menus in twentyten theme or others

Some time ago I discovered that dropdown menus that do have clickable links on parent nodes are confusing for the users. Often they are not seeing that they can click on the parent, they just assume that the parent is just like a folder. Check yourself the demo from – see the second menu […]

Is it wrong to put header tags inside WordPress help tabs?

We’re working on improving accessibility in our plugin. One of the rules for accessibility is apparently that you should have an h1 tag before any h2 or h3 tags etc. Normally that makes sense, except in the case of WordPress’ admin help tabs, which are normally hidden, but appear ABOVE the rest of the page […]

How to make WordPress blog accessible for people with disabilities?

How do you make your wordpress blog accessible for people with disabilities ? are there any special plugins you are using ? are there any friendly themes you recommend ? is there an auto-detect in the browser if the operating system accessibility tools are running ? aka is there a way to build an auto-detect […]

Stylesheet switching and caching

I’m implementing a site that allows users to switch stylesheets (to show a high contrast version for people with vision impairments). The switcher essentially just changes the <link>ref to whichever stylesheet is appropriate. However, I just realised that this will lead to problems when I switch on caching (either using WP Supercache or W3 Total […]

Add custom attribute to menu item link using Filter

In order to increase my theme’s accessibility, I want to add the aria-current=”page” attribute to the menu item that has the class .current_page_item. As of right now, I am doing this via jQuery using the following: var currentitem = $( ‘.current_page_item > a’ ); currentitem.attr( ‘aria-current’, ‘page’ ); While this does what I want it […]