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Edit Account – read and write to MySQL

I have user data that’s being saved to and read from the database as they are all standard WordPress fields. example: $user->user_email And here’s the code I have inside the form-edit-account.php: <p class=”form-row form-row-wide”> <label for=”account_uid”><?php _e( ‘UID-Nummer’, ‘woocommerce’ ); ?></label> <input type=”text” class=”input-text” name=”uidnumber” id=”uidnumber” value=”<?php echo esc_attr( $user->user_uidnumber ); ?>” /> </p> Here’s […]

How to change the User name and Password of admin account

By default i have selected the Username of admin account as “admin” , of the WordPress CMS while installing wordpress first time. Now i want to deploy the webpage : considering the security precautions , i want to change User name and Password of admin account. Can anyone guide me on this. The database for […]

Generate email on meta value update

I’ve implemented some meta fields for users like mobile number, address. It can be updated by user as well as admin, I wan’t to trigger an email to user and admin stating about the updated field value if any value is updated, irrespective of who updates it.

Can't log in. WordPress says my account doesn't exist

I used hostgator to host my WordPress site. At the time, I couldn’t find a way to keep the URL for the site as, and I was in a rush so I made it and figured I’d just change it later. In the WordPress dashboard under settings, you can change the WordPress URL […]

Creating an online account & ordering system

Is it possible to create an account & ordering system with online payment (via paypal) for WP? Are there any kind of plugins for this? We’d require some basket functionality so products can be added, an account area that could include order history and online payment to pay via paypal.

Is there a plugin that lets users request an account on the site?

Is there a WordPress plugin that lets users fill in a form to request an account that then has to be cleared/activated by an admin for the user to get access?

Cannot access my wp-admin after installing Gzip compression

I have installed a WP Plugin called Gzip Compression to increased the speedpage and had an awful surprised: have no access to the website at all, giving me an error of invalid form of compression, and the worst thing is that the website is not displayed in the Intenet for two weeks now which is […]

Custom Log In Screen – Disable password recovery

Possible Duplicate: Change login error messages I’m creating a custom log in page on a wordpress install and would like to remove the “Lost your password?” link from the “ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?” message that comes up if the user inserts the wrong password. I’ve been looking in the wp-login.php but must be […]

Front-end delete account in WordPress

is there a way for a registered user in WordPress to have in his author page an option to delete his account along with his posts without going to dahsboard? I need a front-end option in a form of a button for user to be able to delete his profile 🙂 Thank You in advance […]

Best way to tell if a user account is active, using the database only

I’m trying to tell if a user account is active or not, outside of WP code, by looking at the database only. Seems like a bad practice for sure, but I’m kinda stuck in this situation and anyway, it seems interesting to me to know for sure how WP determines this. After searching in the […]