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Are styles included in a stylesheet using add_editor_style loaded in the front end?

I am writing a stylesheet that will help show the content in the TinyMCE editor look more like it would appear on the front end of the website using the add_editor_style function in the WordPress theme functions file. I may even end up adding a few style rules in the editor-style.css file just to be […]

Define add_editor_style to specific post types?

I am wondering is it posible to define add_editor_style to specific post types? Currently I am using this function.. // EDITOR STYLE add_editor_style(‘editor-style.css’); But I would like have multiple editor styles for various post types. So guessing it could be like this… if ( … ) { // EDITOR STYLE POSTS & PAGES add_editor_style(‘editor-style.css’); } […]

Custom styles dropdown in TinyMCE editor – not working with headings

I’ve added a custom style dropdown to the TinyMCE editor, but cannot get it to work with headings (h1, h2, etc..). I highlight plain text, select the style from the formats dropdown, and the text does not get wrapped in anything. However, it DOES work with span tags and div tags. The highlighted text correctly […]

add_editor_style is not working

I’ve reviewed various blog posts, stackexchange topics, etc, but can find no way to get add_editor_style() to work in WordPress 4.1.5. Is anyone having any luck getting this function to work in recent versions of WordPress? Can I see how you’ve done it? Currently I have something like the following in my functions.php file: add_action( […]

Is there a filter for editor-style.css file?

I need to add multiple css files from a css framework to my editor-style.css file. The point is that i don’t want to update the editor-style.css file anytime there’s a new update from either my theme or the css framework. Is there a filter or hook to add more than one stylesheet? (I’m aware of […]

Editor background colour in full screen

In this Q&A, How do you change the visual editor's background color?, it is shown how to modify WordPress’ editor background colour. My question is how can I modify the editor’s background colour, in full screen mode? (also called “distraction free” mode). The solution in the linked thread does not work for full screen editor […]

Using main style.css with add_editor_style

All the resources I’ve read online suggest using a different CSS file (i.e. editor-style.css) in order to style the WYSIWYG editor to better resemble what the actual content will look like. For the purpose of testing I tried to just use the main style.css file that I’ve been using for the rest of the site […]

Having a lot of difficulty getting add_editor_style() to load into source code

I have tried many different things to get add_editor_style() to load into the source code on my site without any luck. I would like to use editor-style.css to customize CSS properties for my WordPress WYSIWYG. However, I am unable to get it working. Even when I look in Chrome Inspector’s Resources tab and scroll down […]

Load visual editor without custom styling

I have a plugin that uses the wp_editor() function to load an instance of the TinyMCE editor. However, the editor is affected by custom styling to make it look similar to the theme through the add_editor_style() function. While this may be great in giving the user an idea of how the content may look on […]

How to include own css on wordpress tinymce editor?

I have added some text on tinymce editor on load. (Every time you click on Add new the tinymce editor load with this text.) but problem is how to enable css class which are using in default text. Thanks