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Add custom content in user-edit.php page

When I go to edit a user’s account located in: I want to add a custom section with my own information (just text), similar to the add_settings_section() function. However, I believe this is limited to only adding custom sections to the Settings menu: Settings — General — Reading — Media — Permalinks This is […]

Adding settings link to plugin doesn't work

I’m trying to add a “settings” link to my plugin on the plugins page. I used this code, which I found on various sites and also in the documentation, but it simply doesn’t work (the link doesn’t show). What did I do wrong? function apd_settings_link( $links ) { $url = get_admin_url() . “options-general.php?page=my-plugin”; $settings_link = […]

Theme Customize API Panel Concept

I am assuming while writing this post that I have a clear understanding of the theme customizer API: There are sections → Under which we have Panels → and under these panels we have Fields. I am unable to add Panel in the desired Location Suppose I have created a section Named: newsletter→ $wp_customize->add_section( ‘newsletter’, […]

How to save plugin custom settings page fields

I want to implement a plugin which gets 2 fields in admin area and saves those in options as array I read the page Custom Settings Page but seems it doesn’t describe how to save fields values in options How we can do it ? Thank you <?php /** * Class for registering persian font […]

site identity section name?

In the customizer, the site identity section is missing a logo upload field. Adding such field is not a big deal: A field can be added, but I don’t know the section name that is created in the core of the WordPress. Can someone help me in that? The field can be created like this: […]

Settings API and 'type' => 'font'

array( ‘name’ => ‘textarea’, ‘label’ => __( ‘Textarea Input’, ‘wedevs’ ), ‘desc’ => __( ‘Textarea description’, ‘wedevs’ ), ‘placeholder’ => __( ‘Textarea placeholder’, ‘wedevs’ ), ‘type’ => ‘textarea’ ), Just like in the above example the ‘type’ => ‘textarea’ what is its equivalent for a font? I tried → ‘type’ => ‘font’; but that didn’t […]

Section Name for Menu in Theme Customizer

I browsed many articles to know the section Name of the “Menu” in the theme customizer. Here are the few resources that proclaim and identifies that the default section name is “nav” → Currently, there are 5 fields that are resting in the → title_tagline – Site Title & Tagline but as soon […]

Extend plugin options page

I had recently installed Post Views Counter plugin, which created an options page under the WordPress Settings menu. Now, I’d like to extend plugin functionalities by adding few more options. It will do by another plugin which has been created by me. The target is to add my own options directly into the page where […]

Move Custom Fields on General Settings Page to New Location

I’ve created some custom fields on the General Settings page after studying up on this post: Add multiple custom fields to the general settings page. I’d really like to move them to their own location – preferably a new menu item, or at least under the Settings menu item. I seen tutorials on how to […]

Sections and tabs DRY – WordPress settings API

I have made a custom setting page containing 3 settings sections under 3 tabs. However I am a total noob when it comes to PHP and I feel like I have written a lot of unnecessary, repeated code. My setting fields are exactly the same under different tabs, but I could not find another way […]