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New “Custom Types” item in admin menu. Is this a plugin or a new wordpress feature?

I just noticed I have a “Custom Types” menu item on my wordpress backend (admin) menu. Picture: I tried disabling every plugin that has anything to do with custom post types and it was still there. So then I disabled every plugin in the backend and someone it is still there. New wordpress feature? Or […]

Is it possible to change the admin posts per page view?

In the admin panel (backend) when you go to “posts” it shows you a pagination (in my case with 29 posts per page). Is it possible to change to posts per page number for a specific post type? Thanks.

Use remove_meta_box conditionally on custom post type

I have a custom post type of people with some custom taxonomy boxes, i want to hide these when on child pages. I have found remove_meta_box works fine but i just can’t access the $post object within the action. Currently i have function remove_post_custom_fields($post) { global $post; if( count($post->ancestors) > 0 ){ remove_meta_box( ‘staff-typediv’ , […]

A similar hook as wp_head for the admin area

I’m adding a node to the toolbar and wish to tweak the css a bit. I don’t have any external CSS files and I’m echoing the CSS using the wp_head action hook. Is there a similar action hook that I can use to echo the CSS everywhere? Both front-end and admin area?

Shared account / dual blogging in WordPress

I am running my own hosting and domain, with WordPress installed on it. I am planning on posting there regularly, once or twice a day. However, a friend of mine would also like to contribute with his own blog posts. I’m wondering if there is a way to create a “guest” account on WordPress, with […]

What is the correct way to get only display plugin for Administrator Only

Currently I’m a little confused with the usage of is_admin() and current_user_can( ‘manage_options’ ) What is the right way for it? At this moment I use is_admin() to include files for Administrator: if (is_admin()){ //include here };

How do I add Category Body Classes to Admin?

So why are category classes not added to the admin body class with this function? I see the current post ID in page source as part of the complete body class, so the basic function of adding body classes to admin with admin_body_class does work. Any ideas? function base_admin_body_class( $classes ) { // Current action […]

Locked out of WordPress website from wrong amount of login attempts

I tried logging in to my WordPress website and got the login wrong a couple of times. After a 3rd or 4th time I am unable to see my WordPress website at all. I can’t even see the front page of it. Is there a way I can see if I was blocked through my […]

WordPress wraps span tags into p tags

I am trying to get rid of the undesired behavior. TinyMCE after submitting a post wraps my <span> tags into the <p> tags. Here is an example <div class=”conten__title-wrapper”> <h5 class=”conten__title”>Wordpress</h5> <span class=”content__icon fa fa-wordpress”></span> </div> I get the following output instead. <div class=”conten__title-wrapper”> <h5 class=”conten__title”>Wordpress</h5> <p> <span class=”content__icon fa fa-wordpress”></span> </p> </div> I have […]

How can I POST or GET to the same admin page from which I am POST-ing or GET-ing

I have made a admin page linked to a Settings -> submenu_item. This page looks like this: On this page, I have a form which I want to submit to this same page. How can I do this? It is a bit of complication, since this page already has GET parameters in its URL, […]