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set admin bar to visible for authors, contributors, moderators and admins

Is there any way that I can set the Toolbar visible to authors, editors and admins and off to everyone else?

Help customising admin bar, removing buddypress links from dropdown

I am trying to customise my admin bar. I have achieved most of what I need to do but am stuck on a couple of things. I want to remove most of the links from the dropdown menu that appears when you moveover, “How are you, Name?”. I want to keep the top part with […]

Admin bar is disabled in front

I’m having a problem and i cant find any solution at all. i have a wordpress site with a theme and all of a suddenn after changing only the footer height with css it dissapeared the content of the footer and also the admin bar. When i deleted the css changes it still had the […]

Wp Admin Bar Customizing Labels

I would like to replace the Label the Plugin WP Custome Area sets on the admin bar. This is the initial parto of code that sets the menu title: public function build_adminbar_menu($wp_admin_bar) { $wp_admin_bar->add_menu(array( ‘id’ => ‘customer-area’, ‘title’ => __(‘WP Custome Area’, ‘cuar’), ‘href’ => admin_url(‘admin.php?page=wpca’) )); This is the hook i tried but without […]

How do you disable the admin-bar.css

I don’t want to fully disable the admin bar. I just want to remove its css file so I can fully customize it myself without having to override anything with greater selectors or a load of !important The exact file name that is being loaded is admin-bar.min.css and then along with the WordPress version ?ver=[…]

How to disable or customize admin bar in back-end

To hide admin bar in front end, we put code in functions.php //hide admin bar add_filter(‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’); //or hook action function remove_admin_bar() { show_admin_bar( false ); } add_action(‘after_setup_theme’,’remove_admin_bar’); but how to disable or customize admin bar (wpadminbar) in back-end.

Change home-url in dashboard

I am wondering if I can change the URL of the “Home”-button in the dashboard’s admin-bar. Right now it just redirects to /, but I need it to redirect to /velkommen. Whenever a logged-in user lands on /, they are already redirected to /velkommen, so in a way it’s already working as I want (with […]

Making that Admin Bar transparent or a blue color

The question title is pretty self-explanatory – I don’t really like the new Admin’s bar’s colour but I find it useful and want to keep it so I would like to change the colour of it. However, I’m not the best at web scripting, let alone CSS so I wondered if anybody here would help […]

Can you refresh ONLY the wordpress adminbar and not the whole page?

Here is my challenge: I have included an electronic wallet in the admin bar of my wordpress site and what I need to do is to refresh ONLY the admin bar so that, upon a purchase, the electronic wallet is updated and reflects the new total from the database with the purchase amount subtracted from […]

toolbar not visible on pages using front-page template

My profile is set to show the WP toolbar when viewing the site, but on a page using the front-page.php template the toolbar space is reserved but its contents are not visible. What could be the reason for this?