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How to hide menu on WordPress admin

I want to hide some menus on admin panel: Appearance, Plugins, and Tools. How to hide it without plugin? And how can I un-hide them later easily?

How to add background image control to page admin controls?

I understand that each page is assigned its own class such as .page-id-22 & I can use that to assign a background image to it using the stylesheet but I’ve seen a theme that adds a control to the admin section of the page itself, which is what I’d like to accomplish. Basically, the user […]

Hide Front-End Admin Bar Including 32 px Spacing

I have a custom template and I inserted the following snippet to get rid of the admin bar for the page: function hide_admin_bar(){ return false; } add_filter( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘hide_admin_bar’ ); The problem is this still leaves a blank white empty bar at the top of the page with a height of 32px. Looking at core, […]

How do i use fontawesome icons in TinyMce editor?

I’m trying to add a youtube button in TinyMce editor. here is a recent-posts.js file which is in the js folder of the theme directory. (function() { tinymce.create(‘tinymce.plugins.buttons’, { init : function(ed, url) { //for recent post button ed.addButton(‘recentposts’, { title : ‘Recent posts’, image : url + ‘/youtube.png’, onclick : function() { var posts […]

Add visit site to your toolbar instead of being in the dropdown

I’m looking for a way to move the “Visit Site” link from drop-down and add it to the main toolbar, just like in the image shown below:

Adjust the Device Preview sizes used in the WP 4.5 Customizer

WP 4.5 introduced the Device Preview in the Customizer and it’s pretty easy to use. Click one of three icons and see your site at various (predetermined) sizes. The desktop version will always fill up 100% of your screen The tablet version is set to 6-inch x 9-inch The mobile version is set to 320px […]