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Dropdown taxonomy lists in admin menu

I’ve added 4 taxonomy list to my wordpress backend: BH Job Experience BH Job Types BH Job Regions BH Job Tags These taxonomy lists are added under Job Listings like this: Now I would like to have these 4 taxonomy lists under a dropdown with name BullHorn. Something like this: But I can’t really find […]

Top level menu position overwrites another entry

From looking at the codex and after using print_r($GLOBALS[‘menu’]; to display the array list of menu items, I see my CPTs listed as 16,17,18,19 in the returned array. 20 is the Pages menu item, and 15 as the Links menu item. I have a settings plugin which I wish to display with my Custom Posts. […]

Trying to write a function in an external php file to manage admin menu visibility

I am loading my php file by putting this into my theme’s functions.php: require get_stylesheet_directory() . ‘/inc/manage-menus.php’; alter_menu(‘my-user’, ‘plugins.php’, false); The code in manage-menus.php looks like this: function alter_item ($user, $items, $action) { global $current_user, $menu; get_currentuserinfo(); switch ($action) { case false: if ($current_user->user_login == $user) { remove_menu_page ($items); } break; case true: if ($current_user->user_login […]

Removing posts and comments from WordPress

I am using a plugin which creates both a custom post type for all my “posts” data and also another plugin which entirely handles the commenting system. Therefore I would like to entirely hide the comments and posts section from the site. I currently have the following function: function remove_admin_menus() { remove_menu_page( ‘edit-comments.php’ ); remove_menu_page( […]

How can I control which plugins run in the dashboard?

I do not wish to activate/deactivate plugins. But for plugins that have no menu pages/submenu pages, that mostly do things on the frontend, I wish to disable while viewing the dashboard/admin pages. The end goal of this is to reduce the loading of plugins in the backend area. So as to make dashboard viewing/using/etc far […]

Show WordPress Plugin Menu(Admin) To Editor

I am an Admin of wordpress website and I have created one user with Editor role, I have installed one plugin Pretty Link( this plugin shows its menu on Admin page but not on Editors page. I want to display this menu option on Editor page also, so how to do this? I am using […]

How do I disable certain menu in editor user administrator page

How do I disable the media, pages, comments, profile and tools in editor user administrator page?

in_array function Problem

Im writing a custom plugin, which will do different stuff for specific admin usernames. So admin will be able to choose couple admin usernames in plugin settings page in backend via repeateable text field ( Im using Admin Page Framework plugin for generating backend settings page – Link to Plugin on WordPress Repository ) Then […]

Margin problem on management menu?

I’m developing a WordPress site ( It’s a multilingual site with around 15 languages at the end. I found this ‘mistake?’ in the Menus area: When I have more languages than they fit in the left column, they start to disappear back the right column. Could you please tell me which one of the ones […]

Change users.php WP_User_Query

A client has requested to have two kinds of custom user roles, and have those users displayed in an Admin Menu Page of its own. So far, I’ve achieved that using WP_List_Table with success. Now, the next request is to not display those users with those custom roles in users.php. So far, I haven’t been […]