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How to edit/delete single row items in a table on my own menu page

I have successfully created a wp-LINKS-list-table that displays the output of WP’s core “Links” table in the WP Dashboard, and I have it displaying on a menu page I created. Step 1 accomplished! But now I would like to be able to have the single row edit/delete (database) functionality just like the Links page. Right […]

Change WP-Login or WP-Admin

Can I change the name of the wp-login or wp-admin file so that I can go to a different filename in order to login. I am trying to prevent hackers from finding my login and wp-login has become a very obvious option.

Add a wordpress blog to my website having users

I have a php/mysql based site with users segregated into different groups… i want to add blogging system to it so that each group has its own blog which can be authored by users who are designated to administer that group and can be read by each user of that group… how can this be […]

Is it possible to disable certain user roles from creating tags?

As a site admin, I’d like to have control over things. I’d like to prevent my contributors and authors ( who generate content for me ) from creating new tags. I don’t want that tag taxonomy to turn into a zoo! Especially when you know that wordpress creates separate terms for apple and Apple! I […]

Add extra field when admin create user

I have created extra field that user can edit on their ‘Your Profile’ page. The extra field also available on WordPress register page. What I want to ask is, how to add the field to User > Add new page ? So, when admin creates a user, admin also input the user’s extra field

Custom admin columns for ALL custom post types

I have the following function which is working perfectly for my ‘video’ custom post type to display customized columns in the dashboard. I have decided the way my plugin will work is to have custom post types created dynamically so I no longer know the exact name of the custom post type and I would […]

How To Create User Specific Admin User Pages?

The aim is for a proposed site to have customers be able to login and be able to view a private and customer specific ADMIN page NOT frontend page (although this would be much easier to achieve). Said page would display user meta and content that the site Admin could add ad hoc. I am […]

Create a Meta Box in the Admin User Screen?

My client wants the New User admin page to be composed of a meta box. add_meta_box( $id, $title, $callback, $post_type, $context, $priority, $callback_args ); But this seems to be for posts only ($post_type). Is there an alternative for the User screen?

Add tabbed menu to admin page

I am very new to WordPress and here I want to create one admin page with tabs as shown in image How can I create such page with these tabs?

how to redirect to if is typed in?

How would I create a wordpress function that will redirect a user to if they type in I would like to have this as a wordpress function.