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What is the optimal way to filter out subpages from admin?

I guess it’s always possible to hide them with js, but is there a code snippet out there for query level child page filter? I only want top level pages to remain. EDIT: my coder came up with it, stay tuned for a solution

Add column to pages table

Hey all i am trying to find the section within the edit.php page where it populates the table with all my current pages. What i want to do is add another colum to the table in order to launch a side page for changing a picture. Could anyone point me to the code that populates […]

Add social icons in a theme through custom admin menu

Is it possible to make a theme with an option of configuring social icons with links through the custom header control panel? I googled it and found nothing that could help me, any help on that topic will be very appreciated UPDATE What I’m trying to achieve is that in the theme control panel (preferably […]

How to add a column to the Trash page?

I’m trying to add a column to the trash page for posts and pages but can’t find a way to hook into that specific area. I’ve been able to use functions like manage_posts_columns and manage_pages_columns to add columns, but these hooks add columns to more than just the trash view. I can see from the […]

Hide allow trackbacks/pingbacks

Under the discussion tab on the post page, there’s ‘allow comments’ and ‘allow trackbacks and pingbacks’, how would I hide the option to allow pingbacks from users but still have it be on by default?

Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) on working server, database problem

I have a local server up using EasyPHP. I know its working because I have a default wordpress install running and up on my brower. I have a full site which I also know I have working because when I set up an empty database and then did the wordpress install the theme was working […]

Unable to set right time in admin and frontend template

When I run a simple php file called test.php (placed in the root of the wp installation) that contains something like that: <?php echo date(‘H:i:s’); ?> The result is right: 15:30:00 and the timezone is set also correctly to Europe/Prague which is UTC+2 time However, if I place the same line within my e.g. footer […]

add_submenu_page set for multiple roles

This question already has an answer here: How to add more than 1 user role to sub-menu pages 1 answer

Custom taxonomy only shows 0 in autocomplete for terms and “Choose from the most used tags”

I have a custom post type (rezept that I added a custom taxonomy Allergiefrei to. I got this working so far. Adding terms to the custom taxonomy’s box works, too, but autocomplete and ‘Choose from the most used tags’ only shows “0”. Here’s the code where I register the custom taxonomy: function register_rezept_taxonomies() { register_taxonomy( […]

How to add a help tab to all admin pages – including plugin pages

I have working code which adds a help tab to all screens in the admin which already have help options or a help screen – however, screens which don’t have contextual help – such as the plugin I writing, also don’t recognize the add_action call – how can I ensure that the help_tab appears on […]