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Removing custom sort order from admin page listing

For the background to my question: On my page listing, I’ve got a set of pages that are countries and the child pages of those are categorised into ‘Types’. So I’ve got a page structure like this: Country 1 — Resource — Resource — Organisation — Overview Country 2 — Overview — Overview — Overview […]

Output the admin menu_position for each item

Is there a function I can use which will temporarily output the menu_position of every item in the admin menu? While trying to reorganise the admin menu, the single largest thing slowing me down is trying to mentally keep track of which menu item is where. Being able to see this info while im doing […]

New “Custom Types” item in admin menu. Is this a plugin or a new wordpress feature?

I just noticed I have a “Custom Types” menu item on my wordpress backend (admin) menu. Picture: I tried disabling every plugin that has anything to do with custom post types and it was still there. So then I disabled every plugin in the backend and someone it is still there. New wordpress feature? Or […]

Is it possible to change the admin posts per page view?

In the admin panel (backend) when you go to “posts” it shows you a pagination (in my case with 29 posts per page). Is it possible to change to posts per page number for a specific post type? Thanks.

Use remove_meta_box conditionally on custom post type

I have a custom post type of people with some custom taxonomy boxes, i want to hide these when on child pages. I have found remove_meta_box works fine but i just can’t access the $post object within the action. Currently i have function remove_post_custom_fields($post) { global $post; if( count($post->ancestors) > 0 ){ remove_meta_box( ‘staff-typediv’ , […]

A similar hook as wp_head for the admin area

I’m adding a node to the toolbar and wish to tweak the css a bit. I don’t have any external CSS files and I’m echoing the CSS using the wp_head action hook. Is there a similar action hook that I can use to echo the CSS everywhere? Both front-end and admin area?

Shared account / dual blogging in WordPress

I am running my own hosting and domain, with WordPress installed on it. I am planning on posting there regularly, once or twice a day. However, a friend of mine would also like to contribute with his own blog posts. I’m wondering if there is a way to create a “guest” account on WordPress, with […]

What is the correct way to get only display plugin for Administrator Only

Currently I’m a little confused with the usage of is_admin() and current_user_can( ‘manage_options’ ) What is the right way for it? At this moment I use is_admin() to include files for Administrator: if (is_admin()){ //include here };

How do I add Category Body Classes to Admin?

So why are category classes not added to the admin body class with this function? I see the current post ID in page source as part of the complete body class, so the basic function of adding body classes to admin with admin_body_class does work. Any ideas? function base_admin_body_class( $classes ) { // Current action […]

Locked out of WordPress website from wrong amount of login attempts

I tried logging in to my WordPress website and got the login wrong a couple of times. After a 3rd or 4th time I am unable to see my WordPress website at all. I can’t even see the front page of it. Is there a way I can see if I was blocked through my […]