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How do I hide certain taxonomy boxes from users in admin add post page?

I would like to hide this particular taxonomy box in the admin on the add new post page.

I installed WordPress locally now how do I login?

I downloaded a WordPress website that I am modifying for a friend. He gave me access to cPanel, where I downloaded the SQL and changed it on XAMPP. Now when I open >localhost/wp it opens the website but without the control panel. I think to modify I need to access >localhost/wp/wp-admin but I don’t have […]

Which hook for processing plugin page form data?

Which hook should I use for processing form data from my plugin pages. I currently use “admin_init”. Is that correct? Was this hook intended to be used this way?

How to change the User name and Password of admin account

By default i have selected the Username of admin account as “admin” , of the WordPress CMS while installing wordpress first time. Now i want to deploy the webpage : considering the security precautions , i want to change User name and Password of admin account. Can anyone guide me on this. The database for […]

Best practice for plugin: always detect admin-ajax call?

Recently I was debugging/hacking a plugin authored by someone else. I put a breakpoint at a spot I was interested in – a relatively complex admin page. I noticed that even during admin-ajax calls this particular plugin still goes through all the logic to generate the page in question. Even though it is never displayed. […]

Admin bar is disabled in front

I’m having a problem and i cant find any solution at all. i have a wordpress site with a theme and all of a suddenn after changing only the footer height with css it dissapeared the content of the footer and also the admin bar. When i deleted the css changes it still had the […]

Featured image on post edit page not loading over HTTPS

Our site uses TLS and to the best of my ability I’ve forced TLS everywhere. I’ve defined FORCE_SSL_ADMIN to be true and also tried the following filter which I’ve borrowed from the plugin SSL Insecure Content FIxer ( function fix_ssl_attachment_url( $url ) { if ( is_ssl() ) { if (stripos($url, ‘http://’) === 0) { $url […]

iframe with Youtube video appears for logged-in users, but not for incognito users

I have a YouTube video on a site’s homepage, but when viewing the site as an unknown / non-logged-in user, it’s NOT showing up at all. And when viewing in admin / a logged-in WP user of the site, it DOES show up. What could be causing this? Other than using some 3rd party theme […]

Why does Thickbox jQuery load on my site?

According to WordPress: WordPress makes use of a modified version of the ThickBox jQuery library originally created by Cody Lindley. ThickBox powers the modal lightboxes used in the WordPress admin, including the post editor’s “Media” button (prior to WordPress 3.5 only) and the “Details” links on the Plugin “Search Results” screen. So if this […]

Admin: how to make a custom list filter button send GET queryvars

I’ve setted custom columns for a custom post type, and I want to add a filtering functionality. I need to use custom data, so I can’t take advantage from things like wp_dropdown_categories and the like. My current code: // add select function add_filter_by_macroarea() { global $typenow; $post_type = ‘distributor’; $macroaree = array(‘italy’,’france’,’spain’,’world’); if($typenow == $post_type) […]