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How to get the site administrator/s by blog id

I wanted to display the site administrator/s not super administrator by blog id. Which outputs the site admin id and avatar. How to accomplish this?

Adding all sub-pages to the menu manager

Is there some simple way which would allow one to add a page to a menu (through the menu manager interface) and be able to define if the inclusion of this item should automatically add all subpages up to a specific depth? Essentially, the logic I am trying to use here applies to a user […]

Add “Post Options” for new wordpress post

How i can add “Post Options” section under wysiwyg editor? Like this

Determining whether it's a AJAX call from front-end or from back-end

I am developing an admin-only plugin, which uses some ajax calls in its interface. The website itself also relies on ajax calls on its front-end, too. I’d like to be able to identify when the WP is loaded due to “simple backend call”, “AJAX backend call” or “AJAX frontend call”. The use case, in its […]

Remove rows in the manage post/page view

I’m looking for a way to remove the rows with the title, date and other stuff that’s shown on the manage posts/pages screen (highlighted with red in the image below). I know that I could easily hide it with css, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to do it without css and hacking core files.

front end editing using iFrames, best approach?

I was going to give users back end access to edit entries but don’t like the idea of them having access to the back end. I currently am using/developing with Adminize and Role Scooper and have set up custom editing screens for the users. Users will have access to a custom post type for their […]

Add Admin User via SQL

I gave my client the admin account to his wordpress install and I forgot to add an administrator user for myself. Now, I can no longer access the admin panel because they have changed their password. I have direct access to the database and was wondering if I could inject a new admin user via […]

Is there a way to have the view link on manage posts page to open in a new window or tab?

Hi I am trying to figure out on how to get the “view” link on the manage posts / custom post types and pages to open in a new tab or window. I know it is probably possible to do via the functions.php file of the theme and would much rather go that route than […]

Remove Admin sidebar link

I have a taxonomy link in my admin sidebar i’d like removed from view. Only in the sidebar though, i will still be using the function in the post view, so if that creates problems a simple simple CSS trick will do. Just need it gone from the sidebar as it’s unnecessary clutter. The current […]

I keep getting logged out in Firefox

For some reason, tonight when I have gone to work on my WordPress installation I firstly found myself logged out, even though there was a few cookies left in Firefox relating to the website and when I looked on the Simple:Press forum it had remembered my user name but knew I wasn’t logged in. Nevertheless, […]