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Remove the “View” Link in Post Admin

I have a custom post type that I’m just using just to keep data in but I sometimes share it with others, and I don’t want any confusion when the “view” link appears in the admin column. Is there a way of removing that?

Update post counts (published, draft, unattached) in admin interface

I am working on a multi-user WordPress setup and have made it so a particular type of user can only see and interact with posts, images, pages etc that they have authored. The code to make this happen looks like this: add_filter(‘pre_get_posts’, ‘current_author_posts’); function current_author_posts($query) { if ($query->is_admin && current_user_can(‘artist’)) { global $user_ID; $query->set(‘author’, $user_ID); […]

Adding a custom admin page

I want to add a page of content (a readme file) in the WordPress admin, I can’t seem to find how to do this in the codex – can anyone point me in the right direction? It will literally just be a simple page with a few paragraphs of content.

Settings API – easiest way of validating checkboxes?

I’m using Settings API and I can’t get checkboxes to work, if they’re set to “false” they’re not even being $_POST and that’s the point. Stephen Harris & Chip Bennett explained it, but I believe their way is not simple enough (especially for me, not PHP-guy at all). Do I REALLY need a few custom […]

What is the real intention for admin-post.php?

While looking for proper form submission handling in plugins for users (frontend) I’ve stumbled upon this article Handling POST Requests the WordPress Way, which encourages to use admin-post.php for this purpose. Taking a look into header we can find some kind of confirmation: /** * WordPress Generic Request (POST/GET) Handler * * Intended for form […]

Any guides on creating custom admin pages?

I basically want to create a table (preferably AJAXified) that lets the user enter a line of information, and be able to add new lines of information, and delete selected ones. I’ve found this post and this post. The design side looks very straightforward, but I want to know about the functionality. How do I […]

Set Default Listing “View” in Admin

I’m looking for a way to set the default “View” options under post types in the admin area. For example, by default Posts will default to a “list” view instead of “excerpt” – I’d like to change this to excerpt by default – what would be the best way to achieve this? I’ve done a […]

Notification that the admin is online

How can I say to all visitors that the admin is online. I mean if the admin is online all the visitors, registered and none registered, will see this words “hello the admin is online…talk with me”… ? Thank you

How can I target WordPress 3.8 new interface MP6 with CSS?

When MP6 was a plugin in WordPress 3.6+ it changes the body class of the admin and added an “admin-mp6” class which helps me to style my plugin accordingly. Now with the latest Alpha of WordPress 3.8 the class was removed. I know since it’s an alpha version the class may come back but I […]

How-to make the admin area mobile friendly

Currently the admin-UI is a no-go for mobile browsers. Therefore I’m searching for a plugin that makes the back-end/admin-UI accessible and a little more friendly for mobile devices. Features, the plugin should have: Not outdated Not reliant on some 3rd party service Important It’s not (!) about a front-end Theme. Short list of plugins that […]