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How to disable automatic excerpt generation *in admin*?

I’m adding a custom column named Excerpt with Codepress Admin Columns, and would like to know specifically when the Excerpt has not been filled out. Instead WordPress shows post content automatically, if the excerpt is missing. This is also testable by switching on the “Excerpt View” from post list screen. Implementing default_excerpt hook doesn’t seem […]

Filters post in admin with dropdown select, custom post type

I’m trying to filter my post in my admin area with a custom filter dropdown. I use this method to make it: Here is my code: add_action( ‘restrict_manage_posts’, ‘wpse45436_admin_posts_filter_restrict_manage_posts’ ); function wpse45436_admin_posts_filter_restrict_manage_posts(){ $type = ‘post’; if (isset($_GET[‘post_type’])) { $type = $_GET[‘post_type’]; } //only add filter to post type you want if (‘post’ == $type){ […]

Add number new posts (post_status = pending) to administration menu

This question already has an answer here: Put update-like notification bubble on multiple CPTs menus for pending items 1 answer

Adding a text link under the post title in the lists of posts

I made a lot of changes to my WP settings and now, when I approve and publish pending posts, authors have one hour to modify their articles. After the hour has gone the edit link disappear and they can’t change anymore. I need to give them the opportunity to remove the post but the “trash” […]

How to enable Admins to see Plugins

I am running a multisite network on the latest version of WP. I am the Super Admin. I setup a user as “Administrator” on a site in the network. The Admin User cannot see the plugins menu. I completely Network Deactivated all plugins and re-Activated them at the site level. The Admin User still cannot […]

Get email address of type Administrator

I am new wordpress, please help me. How can I get all the details of type Administrator. I have created 2 users with Role as Administrator, like get_option( ‘admin_email’ );. I want the Email address of users of type Administrator.

How to handle admin and passwords requests from plugins developers?

I have purchased few plugins and they work fine, but one existing plugin doesn’t work. The plugin developer telling: refund or provide admin access. How to handle such requests? Create a special user with some admin rights just be able to work on plugin directory?

Change top level menu item to point to custom submenu item

I’m using a plugin called CMS Page Order (Now referred to as CPO) It’s pretty simple, the said plugin adds a new item to the submenu of every custom post type. The menu item leads to a page where you can reorder the posts of the certain post type. I’ve added so that you […]

Conditionally load CSS/JS/PHP in wp-admin if using a mobile device

I’m looking for a way to conditionally load different scripts if the user is accessing the admin area from a mobile device. In my case I’m looking to restrict the user to just be able to make new posts, so if you log in to the admin area from a mobile device you’re redirected to […]

How to customize admin posts based on the user who is logged in

We are building a site that will have 10-15 photographers posting content. There will be a common blog + each admin has their own portfolio to manage. “Portfolio galleries” and “portfolio pages” are two custom types and they are categorized using “Artist”, a custom taxonomy. We would like all admins: to be able to see […]