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how to show admin notice in custom menu page after submitting the form?

Here is my code to save data: function save_new_exam(){ extract($_POST); global $wpdb; $wpdb->insert( ‘wp_absb_exam_setting’, array( ‘name’ => $name, ‘time’ => $time, ‘status’ => 1, ‘user_id’ => get_current_user_id() ), array( ‘%s’, ‘%s’, ‘%d’, ‘%d’ ) ); do_action( ‘admin_notices’, ‘new_exam_created’ ); } function new_exam_created(){ ?> <div class=”notice notice-success is-dismissible”> <p> Saved successfully!</p> </div> <?php } Here is […]

Dashboard : remove Safari navigator message

Everytime when i login to wordpress backoffice with safari (only with safari navigator). I got the message on the picture below : I want to Delete definitely this kind of message from the dashboard without update my navigator. How can i do it? Thanks.

getting notifications about updates only in the “core” page

I run a few WP sites and keep track of updates on a daily basis. Normally, I go into the Plugins page and check if there are updates to the installed plugins accordingly. Lately, I’ve found out that even though this page doesn’t show new updates, when I go into the “/wp-admin/update-core.php” page, suddenly there […]

Thesis -style Navigation

I am working on a theme where I would like users to be able to select pages to show in the theme options page much like Thesis. I’ve been Googling / reverse engineering Thesis for a couple hours but haven’t found a great solution. I am wondering if anyone has done this or has seen […]

Can't login to my admin area

I don’t know what did I change, other than creating a new ftp account because the other one wasn’t working with my ftp client. Now when I go to the login page, it doesn’t accept my correct wp password, and this happens in the url: I haven’t set any redirection of any kind. Please […]

I'm a super admin and I want to give an admin the ability to add new users…?

How can I do that? So far the admin can only add exisiting users.

Plugin or method of allowing user to rearrange custom post types with drag and drop?

I’m using a custom post type entry to represent each person in an About Us page. When going to the About Us page, it displays the people in a side menu and if the user clicks on a person’s name, it goes to a page about that particular person. My client wants to be able […]

How can I add a box to edit Order on a regular post?

I’m currently using the menu_order field in the DB to have some custom ordering of posts. I want to expose this field to the user via the admin section, like it is when editing a Page (in Page Attributes). Is there a simple way to do this?

How do you modify CSS files via admin panel?

All theme styles are in style.css file. Let’s say first line looks like: body { background-color: #fff; } Now, I’ve created an option in admin panel named body_bg. User types #000 there and I want the value in style.css to change. How do I achieve that? The easiest way to me looks like I have […]

How to hide wordpress default description box?

I’m using custom fields in my wordpress default post area. So i don’t want wordpress default description box. I mean i dont want this field. Instead of description box i want excerpt box there. Please help me. Thanks