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Highlight Ads for few seconds

I got a list of ads in my WordPress website on a sidebar. Is it possible to highlight an ad, that is, make it bigger in size for few seconds? I want to make each ad highlighted one after the other. Right now I am using max ad banner to get the rotating ads, but […]

Insert Ads “into” comments section in Genesis Themework

I am trying to insert two 125×125 ads into the comment section of a Genesis Child Theme – The screen above shows where I would want it but I am at a total loss on where to insert this overall. I have search for a code snippet for functions.php or even trying to figure which […]

Plugin for users to create their own ads like Google Adsence

Does any one know of a plugin to allow users to create ads on a format like Google Adsense (title, some text and a link). ? Something that may require some customization may do the job. Thanks in advance.

Self-serve ad system like Reddit's for WordPress?

I’m currently building a WordPress site and I want to implement a sort of “self-serve” ad system into my site similar to the system Reddit is using. Is there any sort of “self-serve” ad system or plugin for WordPress? If not, would it be possible to build something like this for WordPress?

Add Adsense to a website but the server responds with error 510

I’m trying to add Ads to my website. The website is made with WordPress. I’m going to Options < Adsense < Ad Manager Then I click manage Ads. After that, google starts to analyze my page. After that it shows me places where I can add an ad. If I add one an click save, […]

Any recommendation on how to manage ads?

I am in the process of creating a network of >40 sites with wordpress, and I am trying to put together the base that each site will use, for example all the sites will use google analytics so I will use this plugin for that. For sitemaps I will use, etc. (These plugins […]

Guidelines / restrictions about advertising /donate begging unside wordpress plugins or themes

I remember to have read about this, but I can’t find it anymore. Basically we are not allowed to advertise without the users consent inside plugin, its a good rule I think. I just want to see the official text to quote it.

Is there any way I can put google ads on

I know they do not allow plugins on and hence no ads. I know I can put adds on own wordpress site hosted on my own domain. But I really like and the ease you can create blogs there. Is there any decent way that I can put my ads on google? Weren’t […]

Need help targeting a custom post type with conditional tags

I found some code online to create content blocks on my WordPress blog. I use a content block at the bottom of the sidebar of my page for a shopping widget. Here’s the relevant code from functions.php: function initialize_content_blocks() { register_post_type(‘content-block’, array( ‘labels’ => array( ‘name’ => ‘Content Blocks’, ‘singular_name’ => ‘Content Block’, ‘add_new_item’ => […]

Inserting ads into wordpress default rss feeds

i’m hoping i’d find some help in regards to inserting ads into wordpress default rss feeds (i do not use feedburner) <?php function insertAds($content) { $content = $content.'<hr /><a href=””>Have you visited WpRecipes today?</a><hr />’; return $content; } add_filter(‘the_excerpt_rss’, ‘insertAds’); add_filter(‘the_content_rss’, ‘insertAds’); ?> Source here But i read that the_excerpt_rss and the_content_rss is kind of […]