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Adding ads after a certain number of paragraphs within Genesis themework

I am so close I can feel it. I am trying to get an ad block to show up after say 2 paragraphs. Currently I am using the following code in my functions.php to put the adblock before the last paragraph. I cannot for the life of me find the correct code to get this […]

Disable widgets on specific posts

I run a horror related blog. Google is upset with me for displaying adsense in a sidebar widget for one specific post number (4603) that contains an article about an 18+ topic. How can I disable the widgets for a specific id?

How do I show google ads between post content?

I want to show ads by Google between text content, like show 3 ads one after 1st para second after 3rd para and one at end of last para. I know i have to modify in single.php but being novice in php I am unable to do this. Would be real helpful if someone could […]

Adding Google Custom Search to a Public Released Theme

I’m not sure if this is possible with the newer Google AdSense code which has the AdSense server holding all the colour settings etc… via an ad channel, but maybe there’s a legacy code that will work. Publicly released AdSense theme (used by thousands of AdSense publishers) I’d like to add a Custom Google Search […]

How can I add Google ads to my home page?

Guys I know this is the stupid question but need a little help, I need to put ads on my homepage as I have on my post page: These are the ads I get on my post page (i.e single.php). I also want the same thing on my home page over here: I tried using […]

Offering Ads Dependent on Visitor Type?

I wish to be able to give different ads to visitors of different “types”. For example: People from country X will get one ad, while people from country Y will get no ads. First time visitors will get an ad. Returning visitors won’t. The ad can be either google ads or something else. Any plugin […]

A reliable AdSense plugin. Does it exist?

I’ve tried a bunch of AdSense plugins but I can’t seem to make any work. Can someone recommend something that is known to work? My requirements are simple: display an ad under the header.

Sharing Ad Revenue among Users of a Multisite in a Collaborative Model?

Is anyone aware of some functionality to share the revenue among the users of a Multisite? A multisite lets other people create and mainatain their own blogs. The Multisite owner should able to share some percentage, say N% (like 20%) of revenue on the sub-sites hosted. Example: You are that owner of a Multisite on […]

Track advertisement earnings per blog post and page in wordpress?

I have this unique situation (though i doubt it no one has ever asked this before!). I want to track advertisement earnings from a service like Adsense per blog post and per page or per author . Why i want to achieve this ? we are quite a few number number of authors in this […]

OpenX Alternative for wordpress?

I’m looking for advertising manager so i can handle all the ads, and AdSense units in one place. i used open until now but its seems they are going to deprecate their system (the open source one) – what are you using then?