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Why does Advanced Custom Fields not redirect on form submission?

I’m working on a using ACF v4 on the frontend and am having trouble redirecting on form submission. The goal is to create a shortcode with options for ACF. For example [generate_form submit=”Make a Request” redirect=”thank-you” etc…]. I’ve tried several approaches to set $options[‘return’], but nothing works so far. After submission, my form disappears and […]

Showing custom post user wise with different color in wordpress

I am using ACF(advance custom field) and custom post type plugins to create my own custom post type. I have successfully created custom post type with custom field. [no problem here] Then i have display all custom posts to users(front end user) after login. [no problem here]. if front end user(after login) like particular custom […]

Filter by custom field date in custom post type on admin page group by month year

Hi I was testing the code in this answer Modifying date filter on admin page for custom post type to link to custom field and I am trying for a Advanced Custom Field drop down of dates selected from a datefield. The dates do drop down in the format of e.g. 20170719 I have used […]

Style Radio Buttons inside Edit Page (Custom Fields)

I created styles for custom field, that is a radio button. The style affects every .inside li label but I want the style to work only on the Edit Post functionality. How can I do that?

Pin to Top Functionality using orderby custom field then event date

I need to accomplish the following: pull CPT tribe_events sort by custom field “pin_to_top” in DESC order get posts from today’s date & any in the future sort remaining posts in ASC order My goal is to keep any posts with ‘pin_to_top’ = 1 at the top of the results, then display the remaining results […]

Automatically convert standard posts with custom fields to custom post types

I am just beginning a page, and for my current purposes it seems that the only extra things I need are a couple of extra fields for posts of a certain category. Because I only need to add a little information, I think that it might be appropriate to give posts belonging to this category […]

Clean up custom post information

Due to my API circumstance / ACF plugin I’m uploading post information in a REST format. I’m finding that all my information is getting into wordpress but it’s a bit unorganized, I can fix this by visiting the custom post through the wordpress dashboard and clicking “save” again. Then all my ACF fields and thumbnail […]

Display a single row from nested array of custom field data

I built an Exercise custom post type with a custom field group using Advanced Custom Fields. The structure uses repeater fields for Week, Day, and Exercise, which creates a series of nested arrays. It looks like this: Week 1 — Day 1 —- Exercise 1 —- Exercise 2 — Day 2 —- Exercise 1 —- […]

Login & Register & Custom details WITHOUT plugin

I’m building a website in wordpress, and I need to make a login page & register page / popup with ajax + account page with some custom fields that I need to put thier like adress, phone number, etc… I want to make that without any plugins – Can someone give me a tutorial or […]

Query multiple key

I m trying to implement a multiple meta key filter in my wordpress. That’s simple I get value to a form to filter my post. If I implement this with only “price” query wordked perfectly. If I add “genre” nothing work, query not working. For field “genre” I m using checkbox from Advanced Custom Fields […]