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Can I reuse the Akismet API key used on old version of my website?

I have a site with old version of Akismet plugin. I’m doing a major update/reinstall and I need Akismet API key to reactivate the Akismet plugin. I didn’t find the key neither hardcoded anywhere in the plugin code nor stored in the wp_options table in the database, where other Akismet variables are stored. I tried […]

What do comments with mean?

I get a bunch of comments that simply repeat the title with ‘[…]’. ie: […] Some cool post title […] Is this spam or is wordpress doing something wrong? I have the akismet plugin enabled.

Why does akismet prevent jetpack comments from appearing in my moderation queue?

On the blog I run, when I have Akismet activated, it somehow prevents comments posted via Jetpack from appearing in the moderation queue. I know it’s Akismet because I have disabled every plugin but jetpack and received comments in the moderation queue successfully. When I have both jetpack and aksimet activated simultaneously, however, the comments […]

Contact form won't submit

I posted this on the Stackoverflow site and haven’t received much assistance with the issue. I hope that, by reposting it on here, someone could please offer me any assistance. I am creating a theme in WordPress, using an Akismet form and a jQuery AJAX script (now using a new script). I have modified all […]

Can the Akismet API key be pulled from the plugin?

I’ve looked for a way to pull my site’s Akismet’s API key but I’m not seeing a solution when I search through the tag akismet. When I research the documentation on Key verification I add the function akismet_verify_key but then I’m told I cannot re-declare it so I think it means the function is enabled […]

Does Akismet plugin expose any hooks, functions, class that can work with custom code?

I have custom code that handles comment insertions using wp_insert_comment. Does Akismet plugin expose any hooks, functions, class that can work with the same and possibly elsewhere where custom forms for user content submissions are involved? Or do I need to write custom code to make calls to Akismet API?

Check spam in custom form – akismet

I have a plugin that has input form, I have decided to check submitted data with akismet. I do have API key, WP comments are filtered correctly… here is, what I found: problem is, that $response is always empty – I have tried to var_dump() it, right after calling akismet_http_post(), output was string(0) “”… […]

Akismet plugin is deleting spam despite preferences

Curiously, Akismet is deleting old spam comments after a period of time (I’m guessing within a week). This box is NOT checked: Auto-delete spam submitted on posts more than a month old. I’ve sent a message to Akismet support more than a week ago but I’ve not yet received a reply. I do not want […]

Why do I get email notifications about comments that WordPress has already determined are spam?

I have a blog that I host on my own site. I have the Akismet plugin installed, and in general I keep both up-to-date (e.g. at the moment, Akismet is at version 2.5.7, and WordPress at 3.5.1). From time-to-time (maybe every week or so), I get a notification email from WordPress that a (generally […]

How to deal with small scale comment spam on small commercial sites?

When I’ve built a few sites for small businesses in the past, I’ve historically been able to do without anti-spam measures. I now have several sites which get maybe between 5 and 20 spam comments a month each. I have it set set so all comments must be moderated, which isn’t a really a big […]