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Hosting wordpress on Amazon

I have a client who has their site hosted somewhere where they are maxing out (it’s a huge site). They’re looking to continue hosting their future content elsewhere and I thought of Amazon- is this possible and how would this be done?

How to use author meta in shortcode?

I am trying to create a shortcode that will return a link to a book on Amazon with a specific affiliate tracking code specific to the author. I created a user option called “amz” to hold the author’s tracking code. This works fine when I’m using it elsewhere. This is the shortcode I created: function […]

WordPress remote file storage

I am in pretty much the same position as the author of this post. I understand my post is something of a duplicate but the link is a few years old and I wonder if the situation has changed any? I have a client who runs (and loves) a WordPress website and uses Dropbox for […]

How to play amazon S3 videos in wordpress 3.6?

The latest release of WP has its own media player (mediaelement.js), to include and play a video we no more need a separate media player now. My question is How can I make the shortcode work with videos uploaded on S3 which are protected. I try using this But that doesn’t seem to work. The […]

Upload media files to Amazon S3

I have a site that is running on, and they don’t have persistent file storage for things like images uploaded through the wordpress media uploader. The theme I am making for the site includes the Amazon S3 PHP class for some other functionality – and I have that working. What I would now like […]

PHP/MySQL issues when running WP on EC2 cloud

I am trying to create a wordpress blog on an Amazon EC2 instance. The amazon base image had apache and php already installed. I installed MySQL manually in my user directory. I am able to login to the MySQL database from linux command line. But I am not able to connect to the MySQL db […]

Enqueue AWS Script

I am working on the integration of an Amazon Webstore (Amazon Checkout) on a WordPress site using Amazon Documentation here. Has been a while since I worked with enqueueing external JScripts. I need to load two scripts from Amazon. I added some code to functions.php, but I seem to have made a mistake and I […]

Securing my WordPress Files and Directories

I am new to WordPress and securely hosting it on Amazon EC2. My question is, how do I secure my WordPress files and directories properly? My file permissions are set to 644 and my directories are set to 755. [ec2-user@ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xx my_sub_directory]$ ls -l total 160 -rw-r–r– 1 ftpuser 65534 395 Jan 8 2012 index.php -rw-r–r– […]

Change “From” name in MailChimp STS plugin

I’m using the Mailchimp STS plugin for WordPress, which uses Amazon SES for transactional emails. The plugin is set up correctly, but the default “From” name appears only as “andrew” in sent emails. Since there is no option to change this in the plugin’s settings, I assume this is being grabbed from my email address […]

Hosting WordPress on AWS EC2 using CloudFront Dynamic Content Origins for page content

Is it possible to completely host WordPress on AWS with EC2, S3 and CloudFront Dynamic Content Origins, in the way that WordPress is currently built / architected? Further Details: I would like to install my WordPress on an EC2 instance. Store all my assets: images, videos and download etc on S3 And use CloudFront Dynamic […]