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Submit comment via JSON from Android device

I have a WordPress blog together with a little Android App, developed by myself. Now I want to expand my app a little. My goal is to implement a kind of live ticker. The function is as follows: On my blog there is a page or a post with a fixed (never changing) title. The […]

best way for app users to submit blog post?

I’m working on an app with andriod studio (java based) and I’m wondering what is the best(your opinion) way for multiple users or random users to submit blog post content to the website. Should they be sending it directly to the mysql db or using http post to website? I am trying to avoid the […]

Viewing statistics on self hosted site from Android WordPress app

I did / do have a WordPress hosted blog (with statistics working fine). I’ve now set-up a self hosted blog and have paid for an off-site redirect from WordPress to my new blog. That all works fine. If I log onto my self hosted admin page I can see the sites statistics, but I’m asked […]

WordPress Ajax Posting from App

I am working on an App for a University radio station that allows users to listen to the station and read stories from there wordpress site. I can do this functionality easy enough using RSS feeds. An additional piece of functionality required is for users to be able to post comments/feedback live to the DJ. […]

Mobile User Registration

I am writing an android (and eventually iphone) app that is proposing to register a user to a wordpress site. The intent is to have the user registration solely through the mobile device and not through a website front end. The app will update the wordpress site and the user will be able to login […]

Android authentication

I’m using WordPress REST API (Version 2), and I want to authenticate Android native app with my self-hosted WordPress site. How can I perform that using username and password ?

Converting WordPress into Android or iPhone app

I’ve had a request from my client to convert their WordPress website into an App for Android and iPhone. I’ve looked around at a number of options and it seems doable especially for just the blog section as it’s the rss that can be used as the db but I’m using the WP site as […]

How can I make a wp site in a mobile application?

Which are the ways and how is possible a wp site become an iphone, ipad, android and a blackberry application(not a wp mobile theme)?

How can I give access to WordPress site using an Android application ?

I´m using an Android Application to obtain information after that I need to redirect this application to WordPress to show the information that this obtained but I don’t want that the user needs to retype his username and password to access to WordPress because he wrote them in the moment that he login in the […]

Retrieve featured image

We are building an Android app based on a WordPress mysql database. We were able to get most of the information from the datase to display on to the app. Now all we have left is to retrieve the posts featured image. Is there a way to have the featured image output a URL? Thanks!