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HTTP requests start hanging after I try activating all plugins, and only stop when I manually disable the plugins via DB

Basically, I’ve got a new dedicated server, and I’m testing the migration over to that server. The site (WordPress-based) seems to work fine, but I noticed that sometimes, I can put the server in a state where it hangs for many, many minutes at a time. While in this state, I can tell via Apache […]

WordPress permalinks confusion

I have just realised something that I never knew and I wanted to get confirmation that it is expected behaviour or whether the website I am working was behaving incorrectly. I creating a page – lets call it “page”. Whenever I went to this page, I getting the following message: Directory Empty I then discovered […]

Plugins & backup not working correctly on new Digital Ocean server

So I just fired up a new Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu 15.10×64 and I’m setting up a WordPress environment. I am setting it up from scratch without a WordPress image. I followed a lot of the tutorials on Digital Ocean to get setup, and the site is running pretty well. I did not setup […]

Apache HTTP Server stops working for only a certain local website

I work with a few local websites, but some time ago one of them started causing these errors when I try to use it. I couldn’t find time for it and left it, so I can’t tell what change started causing this. This is the problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: httpd.exe Application […]

Installing other applications alongside WordPress multisite and configuring dns routing

I have configured a subdomain on my server and in DNS at my registrar as I have done many times. I don’t want this particular subdomain to use my multisite WordPress install but all requests are being routed to Can anyone suggest what configuration step I have missed to prevent WordPress from receiving requests […]

404 with post name permalinks

So, I have a pretty common problem – I recently upgraded to Ubuntu Trusty Tahr from Precise, and I had to upgrade apache as a result. Now, my wordpress site is accessible, but I am unable to access any pages within my wordpress site. So, for example, works fine, but gives a 404 […]

What's the proper way to setup WP-CLI on Ubuntu so that I don't have to use the flag –allow-root?

I have an Ubuntu server, typical LAMP stack with default www-data as the user / group under which Apache serves files. When updating with WP-CLI I always have to type –allow-root flag. How do I avoid this? If I do what the software suggests then sudo -u www-data -i — wp <command> throws an error: […]

Virtual HostX and MAMP not working with WordPress

Virtual HostX and MAMP does not render the WordPress files. Virtual HostX and MAMP are both set to port 80. However, the MAMP’s Apache is not running. And MAMP’s web server is set to htdocs folder The URL is displaying – It Works! after refresh: however it should prompt me to set up WordPress like […]

How to redirect only 404 pages with htaccess in WordPress

For a client I want to do the following thing with .htaccess: must redirect to, but only if the first page is a deleted page / 404 page. So all the existing pages must stay intact, and the deleted pages must redirect to a subdomain with the same path. I used the following […]

How does WP work in conjunction with a web server?

I have background in programming (I am an electrical engineer and have become familiar with numerous languages over the years); however, I only starting working with wordpress and backend web development in the past few weeks. I taught myself php/html/css over the past two weekends… built a plug in, made custom page types, etc. Now […]