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Possible to use wordpress as publishing platform but programmatically inject content?

I have user generated content that is created in a mobile app that is written to a SQL Database. I’d like to create a new site that allows this content to be viewed on a per user basis. So if I go to It’ll show all the content I’ve created in the mobile app. […]

Unable to find API Key for my blog

I have the blog, I need to find the API KEY of my blog,I clicked on Global Dashboard->My profile,it was mentioned in wordpress site that it will be found in top left side,but I can’t find it.

Custom Post-to-Post with multiple parents?

I currently have a custom post type of “Faculty” – each faculty can have zero or many custom post type “Bibliographies,” and a bibliography can belong to one or more faculty. What is the best practice for setting up this association, and more importantly, is this possible still using the API? I’m testing this with […]

How Can I Use $wpdb in PayPal IPN file?

I’m currently writing a plugin that requires the PayPal IPN, since the IPN is not inside the main plugin file, I have no way to use $wpdb. If you know a way to do this that will work with all WordPress installations it would really help me! Thanks in advance!

How would you associate location data with a post?

I’m just wondering how you would associate several addresses to a post. My first guess is to create a custom post type with custom fields, then make an API call to Google Maps for the long and lat, store store that in the database, and query it. Seems like a sloppy solution though. How would […]

how to get nonce using json api

I try to open this url in my browser or calling from my frontend application: i keep getting the response {“status”:”error”,”error”:”Include ‘controller’ and ‘method’ vars in your request.”} what is wrong, I want to be able to create a custom post type with custom fields in the end but using json api I need […]

How to Hit External REST POST API in WordPress?

I am new to WordPress and I have a client requirement to hit their API, which accepts a POST request and I just can’t find out the way to achieve this. I have to add the chat bot which hits API whenever user presses enter and display response of API.

node-wpapi: how to handle authentication?

I’m referring to official node-wpapi javascript client library for official (4.7+) REST APIs. Here the doc: I’m reading the Cookie Authentication paragraph, but I’m not in this situation. I’m trying to build a Single Page App, so I need to register/login/logout the user using REST API. I don’t need to use node-wpapi, I could […]

Get more than 10 posts in a specific category with the wordpress api

I’m currently building an Ionic app that uses the WordPress api. I can retrieve posts in a specific category by using the following: // Retrieve filtered data for the categories to show posts. function getCategoryName(categoryName) { return ($http.get(svampeURL + ‘posts?categories=’ + categoryName).then(handleSuccess, handleError)); } The problem is that it only returns 10 as it is […]

WP API Get post with tag names instead of tag ID's

When you request posts using WP API’s search mechanism, it returns tags as one of the post’s properties, but it is an array of tag IDs, not tag names. Is there a way to make the API include the name of the tags without making subsequent requests to the API by tag ID for each […]