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How to create a custom template for custom taxonomy wp-tag-cloud?

I created a custom taxonomy for “Course Topics.” Using the wp_tag_cloud I am able to create a custom cloud for this custom taxonomy. When you click on one of the terms in the cloud, it takes you to a filtered page. I am stuck trying to figure out how to create a custom template for […]

Can't replace the default sidebar with a custom sidebar on Custom Post Type in Genesis

I have an archive template (“archive-reviews.php”) for a Custom Post Type I have created. I’d like to replace the default archive sidebar with a different one that I have created using the Genesis Simple Sidebars plugin. The code I am using in the template file to do this is as follows: remove_action(‘genesis_sidebar’, ‘genesis_do_sidebar’ ); add_action( […]

Custom Post Type Archive template not being called

My question is similar to a number of posts on this site, but I haven’t found a solution to my specific issue yet. I’m trying to implement an archive for a custom post type, “ttwi_course”. I completed the following steps, which I’ve successfully performed on numerous other sites: I registered the CPT, code below I […]

Limiting the Archive page to posts posted by particular author

I am on Archive Page of a custom post type gallery. I have introduced custom permalink variable – author_id. Lets say i get the permalink variable in $perm_author_id. I want to compare $perm_author_id and get_the_author_meta(ID) and then display the posts if they are equal. How can I limit posts displayed on the archive page on […]

CPT with its own category and tag url

I am developing a wordpress site where multiple CPT will used for top level segregation. Each CPT must have its won category and tag base. Also thew should have their own URLS to display only related CPT archive pages. Example Site CPT: command, book Expected Archive page URL […]

Which php file lists all the post of a category

In my primary menu, I have added a category “News & Events” and when I click this page, I get all the posts of this category. Which php file I have to edit, in order to change some things that I don’t want to appear when the posts are listed in that page?

How to get the Custom Post Type Archive inside a folder

I have archive-teachers.php which is not yet inside any folder and it was working fine. But when I transfer the archive-teachers.php in the archive folder, it stop working everytime I check the url /teachers/. So I put back the archive-teachers.php back together with the header.php. Then I created a parent of the teachers which have […]

Add custom field to the archive page?

Add fields to archive? I’m using Advanced Custom Fields plugin (but it’s not relevant as I can also use native WP fields) and want to add custom field to the custom post archive page. The problem is there is no archive page by default, where you can attach the field (though you can add it […]

Archive template combined with post slider and regular posts

I am trying to find the best and easiest way of modifying my archive.php template to contain slider on top which slides the 4 first posts and the rest (6) will be displayed beneath as a regular posts. it should work dynamically with one loop, meaning that if I am clicking on “Previous” or “next” […]

How to make a custom Archive Page

For News Portals, we are using WordPress successfully. But the clients are not satisfied with the WordPress default archive. They want something different like the regular index page. So, how the Custom Archive Page can be: I think the image I attached is saying everything. The shame part is that, I, actually din’t try anything […]