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I want to filter my products with attributes

I have ebook store, where all the books are listed, everything is done.. In products, publisher and author added as a custom attributes. Now I want to filter the products on the basis of attributes…, Need: Just need to set its links, because I create a publisher page in which all the book publishers name […]

Woocommerce Product attribute not imported with wordpress Importer

I used the WordPress Importer plugin and successfully imported all content but woocommerce product attributes are not imported. Tried a few different tests, and few different servers. Same result. Here is an example of an error received after attempting to import: Failed to import pa_color Blue Failed to import pa_color Brown Failed to import pa_size […]

Pragmatically adding product attributes to WP / Woo commerce

I am inserting a quantity of products, categories and attributes to a wordpress database. My method is to copy a selection of source data tables from my off-line database (not in wordpress format) into the wordpress database, and run a local MySQL stored procedure that: Removes data I previously inserted Formats and distributes the source […]

Creating custom Woocommerce attribute taxonomies from a plugin

I’ve made a plugin to import products to WordPress with Woocommerce. It works fine except the product attributes – I can’t find a way to import them properly. The issue is that with products I add custom taxonomies which are not defined in the dashboard. Surprisingly I can’t find a method for this. I tried […]

How do i wrap woocomerce attribute in list?

I want to wrap a particular woocomerce attribute value in a list. e.g. include is a attribute i want to wrap it value in a list. i have attached a image for your reference

How to use a nested shortcode to render the value of an attribute in parent shortcode

I’m using a shortcode to render a count-up box on my page. To do so, I can add something like [ut_count_up to=”1000″][/ut_count_up] in the editor for this particular page. That’s all well as long as the number we’re counting up to is static. Unfortunately, I need to make that number dynamic based on some visitor […]

shortcode – multiple instances of same parameter name in one shortcode instance

I’m looking to include a shortcode that builds a table of items and groups of items. For this I wish to be able to include an attribute multiple times or chain them together in some way. An example is I would like to do something like this: [testcode item=”item1″ group=”group1″ item=”item2″ item=”item3″ group=”group2″] alternatively something […]

Echo title attribute php

I have the following in functions.php: function twentyten_continue_reading_link() { global $id; return ‘ <span class=”readmore”><a href=”‘. get_permalink($id) . ‘” title=”‘ . the_title_attribute( array(‘echo’ => 0, ‘before’ => ‘Permalink to: ‘, ‘after’ => ”)) . the_title() . ‘”>’ . __( ‘Read More »’, ‘twentyten’ ) . ‘</a></span>’; } which creates a “Read More” link after an […]

Remove height attribute from wp_get_attachment

I found this great solution: Stop wordpress from hardcoding img width and height attributes But I was wondering if I could do it only in one specific case and not in all the site because it messes up other stuff. This would be the case: <?php echo wp_get_attachment_image($attachment->ID, ‘six’, false, $default_attr); ?> Removing only height […]

Passing variable in nested shortcodes

How can I pass style attribute of [boxes] shortcode to [box] shortcodes without using global variables? I don’t want to use global variables, because I saw on a few articles that using global variables is a bad practice. [boxes style=”style-one”] [box][/box] [box][/box] [box][/box] [box][/box] [/boxes]