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How to add audio files to wordpress blog and making it auto play?

How to add audio files to wordpress blog that when someone clicks on a post Music began playing by itself.

WordPress audio player causing js error, mediaelementplayer is not a function

I’m using the built in WordPress audio player with my own skin, I needed to set the default volume to 100 so I put this into footer.php <!–Change WordPress Audio Player Default Volume–> <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function ($) { $(“audio”).mediaelementplayer({ success: function (mediaElement, domObject) { mediaElement.setVolume(1.0); } }); }); </script> Problem is I get the error […]

Are .MP3 files with capital letter extensions allowed in shortcode?

In WordPress 3.6, using the new shortcode, I can add a player for an .mp3 file like this: However, if the .mp3 file has capital letters in the extension, it doesn’t work: If I specify the format in the shortcode, it still fails, although in a different way: Looking at function wp_audio_shortcode in “wp-includes/media.php”, I […]

Download button for wp audio player

I’d like to add a download button to the core wp audio player (mediaelement.js). How can I do that simply? Any suggestions?

Built in audio player?

I was certain that WordPress had built in a basic audio player. Am I mistaken. I cant find any evidence of one anywhere, just plugins ?

Extending the Audio Shortcode

At the moment, the audio shortcode only allows four attributes, src, loop, autoplay and preload. When you upload an audio file however, it comes with pretty useful meta data such as the album art, artist, year and so on which would be great if it could be displayed as well. I’ve been looking for a […]

Audio Playlists – Multiple file type support?

I know when uploading an audio file (mp3) to a WordPress post, I can embed the player. I can then edit the embed to also include a link to the ogg version of the file to support Firefox. I can’t seem to find any documentation for doing the same thing with an audio playlist. When […]

MP3 Manager for WordPress

Looking for the following functionality, there does not seem to be a single way to do this, at least not that I was able to find. I would gladly pay for a plugin that did all of this to save me the time of writing one. This is for a bands’ site, so keep that […]

How Can the Users Make a “Playlist” of Posts?

I have an audio website and I want to allow users to make custom playlists from posts. I am using posts as Albums which contains the Tracks. I thought of creating a custom post type and using it to hold a user select playlist based on the default posts. Is this a good idea or […]

Call a custom field in an audio shortcode?

I’m attempting to call a custom field in an audio shortcode. The field I’m calling, enclosure, defines MP3 files that are associated with my respective posts. I’m using the PHP template editor in WordPress. Here’s what I have. <?php echo do_shortcode(”);?> I would like to insert the following code in place of the word “enclosure.” […]