Articles of author

Display latest posts of author in a custom post type

Is there a plugin or code of sort that can display the last posts in a custom post type of a blog author? I know there are plugins/codes to display the last posts of the author, but I want to display only their posts in a particular post type I created. For example, the author […]

Can't grab author info outside of the loop

I have an author box outside of the loop that is supposed to grab the name of the author, but the correct author isn’t being displayed most likely because these tags only work inside the loop. What can I change in this code to make it work outside of the loop? <div id=”author-bio”> <div class=”inner”> […]

Possible to switch between admin view and author view?

The wordpress admin dashboard can be a bit daunting for “normal” wp authors. Is it possible for users who need admin privileges to only see the simpler author view, but be able to switch to the full admin dashboard when required? I understand we could simply create another author account for them. Or use a […]

Twenty Twelve Author not displaying

I have a WordPress blog. On which I want to display author name with each post. I have tried various plugins but these don’t work for me. This is the address of blog: I want to show the name of author with date. Please help!

How to reorder the content of the single post?

I installed the “Related Posts” plugin and use <?php the_content(”); ?> to show my single post in single.php. When I want to add the author‘s name after the post, I use <?php the_content(”); ?> <?php the_author(); ?> but the author’s name is showing after the related posts, which I don’t want. I want the author’s […]

Change Author Name to Sitename on Frontend

How can I change the author name on the frontend to be the sitename instead without modifying theme? I am basically looking for something that I can package as plugin on my site that will no longer show the authors name whatsoever on the posts or pages on the frontend.

Exclude a category of posts in author template

I’m using the following author archive code: <?php /** * The template for displaying Author Archive pages. * * @package Cryout Creations * @subpackage Parabola * @since Parabola 1.0 */ get_header(); ?> <section id=”container” class=”<?php echo parabola_get_layout_class(); ?>”> <div id=”content” role=”main”> <?php cryout_before_content_hook(); ?> <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?> <?php /* Queue the […]

Get x recent posts by author?

So I have ten authors on my site, and I want to designate a section where it shows the ten authors and their 5 latest posts in the form of the post title linking to the post. I tried using the following <?php get_most_recent_post_of_user( $user_id ); ?> But it doesn’t work, so I’m feeling a […]

Find custom post type url by author

In my blog (multi authors) I have posts and a custom post type named (listing_type). In the site an author can have only 1 listing and many blog posts, and I need to find the listing url published by that author. Example: single-listing.php lists all blog posts (post) by the author each blog post must […]

redirect “about author” code to about page

I’d like to redirect/change this code <a href='” . $wp_about_author_author[‘posts_url’]. “‘ title='”. $wp_about_author_author[‘name’] .”‘>”. apply_filters( ‘wp_about_author_name’, $wp_about_author_author[‘name’] ) .” </a> So instead of the link from the author’s profile ( at the bottom of his blog entry) going to the author’s list of blog posts, the link goes to the author’s about/profile page Here’s the […]