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Authors details such as social media links, emails etc → Is this Meta or something else?

The author section of my first WordPress theme is currently hard coded in HTML. See the live website here. This One. These social media Icons and the link associated with them are not provided in the backend author dashboard by default and they need to be coded. Can someone guide me how to? Is this […]

Hide notifications regarding new comments

This is a follow-up on this question. I have now added the code from this page and it helped hiding comments pertaining to the other authors. Now I only need to have the notification removed, as it shows up for other authors than the ones to whom the comment is addressed: Is that even possible?

Use another author.php if different multisite subsite?

I have a multisite installation with 2 subsites (site A, site B) using same theme. Is it possible to use a different author.php if Im on the site B? Assuming the second author template exists. For exeample.. if (blog_id == 2){ // use this template diff-author-template.php } else { //use this author.php} Thanks

get_attached_media() on author page not working

I have a very annoying and simple problem. I can use get_attached_media() on a taxonomy page to get the attached media of a custom post. function author_loop() { $post = get_the_ID(); // Where the problem lies, only on author pages. get_attached_media returns nothing. $attach = get_attached_media( ‘application/pdf’, $post ); $attach = current( $attach ); $attach_url […]

get author comment id by comment id

I need to get author ID by comment ID Example functionName($commentID){ return $authorID; }

Show author post count in sidebar – Variable

I need to display something of a mini author statistic in my sidebar on the single posts page. I’m using the PHP code widget, to allow me to insert PHP code into a widget. What I’ve done is run a loop in the sidebar like this: <?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() […]

Custom Post Type and Labels

I was wondering if there is a way to edit the default field labels on a custom post, for example instead of the author field saying “author” have it say “keynote speaker” I found one solution listed below, but this obviously edits it across the entire backend. add_filter( ‘gettext’, ‘change_author_to_keynote’ ); add_filter( ‘ngettext’, ‘change_author_to_keynote’ ); […]

Author page doesn't change after username change

This question already has an answer here: Change the Author Slug from Username to Nickname 3 answers

Don't attribute content to admin users

For security reasons, I want to make sure no content is attributed to admin users of my websites. Essentially, I want a way to automatically change the author of any piece of content to something else (including uploads). As an admin, when I delete a user, WordPress asks me if I want to delete all […]

What are 'authors' in WordPress, and is there an author 'metabox class' available anywhere?

I am trying to outline a new project where I want to give my users the ability to customize their ‘profile’ pages in my website theme. Concepts like adding in their own background images, choosing templates etc. It seemed logical to me to store this information in the author meta, as that seems to be […]