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Can't update/install plugins or WordPress

I just finished setting up WordPress on my apache webserver, but now I’m having this problem which is pretty much preventing me from doing anything with my site. Whenever I try to install or update a plugin I always get the following error: Username/Password incorrect Which I know cant be possible because Im providing the […]

Disable Database Update Required ? break my website

Im having an issue if i want to login to the dashboard, it needs a “Database Update Required” I’d like to disable it, because once it update the Database, if I go to any post of single-pages, it display all my post in loop . .. . If i recover my database before this update […]

Auto-update failing with “hardened” permissions

I’ve attempted to set up my wordpress install as recommended in the Codex’s “Hardening WordPress” article. That is: All files are 644, all folders are 755 Everything owned by the user account wp-content is writeable by the web server account (it’s 775 and group-owned by apache’s account) The Codex document says auto-update should work with […]

Auto update post title and slug when post status is changed

I need help. Thanks in advance. I need a function that update post title and slug with some default title + current date when post status is updated from draft to published. I use this one to update the post date on status change but I need to add a functionality the title also to […]

How to automate post update website check?

I maintain clients’ WordPress websites (~25 installations) as a part of my job. To do this quickly and efficiently I use Jetpack’s “Manage” feature. In case something went wrong I have fully automated backups (Updraft plugin). It works very well, but every time I do an update (which is a lot with WordPress, themes and […]

What do WordPress auto updates include?

Ok so I know according to WordPress’ own article on this that the core gets security auto updates since 3.7. But my question is does that include all security fixes? I.e. if I have a site that does get auto updates say version 4.0 are there any security benefits to updating to 4.6?

WordPress update totally broke the install. Main page now displays empty rss feed

Hey guys- A friend of mine just did an auto-update for the most recent wordpress upgrade. Upon completion, her site began to display her rss feed on the front page instead of well, her front page. the rss feed also appeared to be empty. Upon further inspection, it appears that EVERY page goes to that […]

Can you refresh ONLY the wordpress adminbar and not the whole page?

Here is my challenge: I have included an electronic wallet in the admin bar of my wordpress site and what I need to do is to refresh ONLY the admin bar so that, upon a purchase, the electronic wallet is updated and reflects the new total from the database with the purchase amount subtracted from […]

can't access backend while frontend works perfect

Before 2 days there was a automatic update for wordpress, which I for my website. When the update was over, I tried to access backend but I always get this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_is_mobile() in /home/*******/public_html/wp-login.php on line 67 Can you give me any idea what to do, how to fix […]

Why my plugins are updating automatically?

I have a wordpress site with a few plugins. I had to make some custom changes on a plugin (not a best practice), and of course I don’t want to update that plugin. But for some reason all my plugins have been updating themselves automatically without asking. ( Is that even possible ?!!). I have […]