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Batch update a post meta field value of each post in Post Type

I need some help on making a batch post meta updater I’m trying to add to my options/setting page. Basically I’m looking for a way to click a button a batch runs through all post of a selected CPT “listings” and updates a meta field as well as run a function. Does my code look […]

Why are the automatic updates to WordPress behind the version my site is on?

Been getting messages on a regular basis that my wordpress site has been automatically updated. The most recent one came in today and says it was updated automatically to WordPress 4.4.4. My website is currently on WordPress 4.5.3. I’ve double checked, this is a legit email and it came through the site on the right […]

Auto-Update Plugin Creating .tmp directory, not overwriting old version

I’m using this library to auto-update my plugin, but it’s only extracting the new plugin files into a .tmp directory, while the old plugin files stay where they are. Can anybody help me fix this to overwrite the old files or any ideas as to why it would be doing that? Edit: I know that […]

Same theme name issue with wordpress repository theme

I created new theme with name for example XYZ. its good till now but the issue comes before few days. Wordpress repository has a theme with same name as my theme’s name. Now the issue is when the updates comes for wordpress theme, the update notification is display for my themes also. So what can […]

A function to fetch blog content via rss feed

I am trying to make a function which take an rss fedd URL and fetches the most recent 2 posts. I have tried to remake the snippet from here to a full function in funtions.php as following. I don’t want to use a plugin for this since the plugins I have looked at have been […]

Change email for update notification

I’ve recently got the email with the update notification. [] Your site has updated to WordPress 3.8.1 Howdy! Your site at has been updated automatically to WordPress 3.8.1. […] I want to change the email where this notification goes. I seems that it’s not connected with any user. I’ve searched all the backend and […]

Missing Update Link to 3.02/3.03 on Dashboard

Since upgrading to WP 3.0.1, a couple of my sites no longer display the update link to 3.02/3.03 on the Dashboard or on the Updates page. On one site, I tried re-applying permissions, but this didn’t change a thing. There are no plugins related to ‘hiding’ update/nag messages. All the sites have been around since […]

Why won't WordPress on localhost find updates?

I’ve got WordPress running on WAMP. For some reason, when I check for updates to the core and to my plugins, it tells me that everything is up to date, even though I know that I am one version behind on the core and on three plugins. Why am I not picking up these updates? […]

Website not updating – no cache plugins active!

I’ve a problem with my WordPress website getting updated after I make changes to its code: I’m using phpStorm with auto-save, running the website on WAMP, locally. Therefore, right after I right new code, the file in which I write the code in should be updated, and the website quickly after that. Yet the website […]

Why does WordPress 4.2.2 require FTP to update?

I am trying to update to WordPress 4.2.2, but it requires FTP details. Considering that everything WordPress-related is assigned to apache, and the server runs as apache, shouldn’t WordPress be able to upgrade without FTP? WordPress is in the root. Here are the file owner/permissions: /var/www (root): permissions: 750 user: www group: apache All WP […]