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Autocomplete for taxonomy input boxes on a front end form

I have created a simple frontend form to allow users to submit posts – similar to the tutorial here – . I also have a couple of custom taxonomies which i have as text input boxes on my form. This is all working but i was wondering if there is anyway i can have […]

Custom taxonomy only shows 0 in autocomplete for terms and “Choose from the most used tags”

I have a custom post type (rezept that I added a custom taxonomy Allergiefrei to. I got this working so far. Adding terms to the custom taxonomy’s box works, too, but autocomplete and ‘Choose from the most used tags’ only shows “0”. Here’s the code where I register the custom taxonomy: function register_rezept_taxonomies() { register_taxonomy( […]

How would implement StackExchange 'Questions with similar titles' for the FAQ on my wordpress site

I want to have a FAQ page on my site which has a search box. As the user types in their question, a field below the search box is populated with FAQ answers with similar titles. The exact same functionality as the StackExchange ‘Questions with similar titles’ feature: Questions with similar titles 4 Open Source […]

jQuery Autocomplete in WordPress

I’m using this autocomplete script within my wordpress theme. I have a form in a page where the user could specify some tags. Actually, this is the code I’m using and it’s working good. <script> jQuery(function() { var data = ‘<?php global $wpdb; $search_tags = $wpdb-> get_results(“SELECT name FROM $wpdb->terms”); foreach ($search_tags as $mytag){ […]

Can I disable the auto complete?

I’ve recently upgraded to WordPress 3.0, and am having a lot of problems with the autocomplete function when editing posts via ‘quick edit’ (e.g. /wp-admin/edit.php) – for example, editing tags. The autocomplete box often obscures the textbox I’m trying to enter text into, and sometimes gets ‘left behind’ once the ‘update’ button has been clicked. […]

add_filter the_content str_replace after shortcode

I want to add a PHP str_replace to the add_filter(‘the_content’) function. I believe my problem is that the shortcodes are loading after the str_replace is called. I have a shortcode that outputs a form, i want to make it that in all HTML form tags, the attribute autocomplete=’off’. Heres the code i have. add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘disable_autocomplete’); […]

How to disable autocomplete on the wp-login.php page

It looks like there is not an easy way to add autocomplete=”off” to the password input on the WordPress login page without editing the wp-login.php page directly. Is there something I’m missing? I do not want to modify core files.

Auto-complete or auto-suggest from list of post titles

I want to have an auto-complete or auto-suggest function on a (search) form: When a user begins to type, it suggests post titles that have matching text. I’d also like it to display some meta-data (a number) that I have stored related to each custom post. Example: If I type “A”, it suggest “Apples (13), […]