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WordPress autocomplete search with taxonomies

I’m trying to make a wordpress search that has autocomplete. The thing is I don’t want to autocomplete the input with a post title but with categories. I explain my problem: I have a taxonomy called “produits” having categories in it like “diesel, kenzo, Louboutin,…” and I have a search field. What I want to […]

How do I make multiple dependent input fields that use the jquery autocomplete function?

I’m trying to create a form that will allow the user to add a new listing on the front side of my equipment classifieds website. I have a custom post type set up with a custom taxonomy called listing_taxonomy. The taxonomy is hierarchical and is rather deep. I want to display 4 dropdown input fields […]

Autocomplete or suggest from post titles inside plugin

I have been trying to use the “suggest” feature inside a plugin in wordpress. I have a custom type and when I create a new post I use a text input meta box to write inside the titles of other posts of the same type. I want to use the suggest feature so that it […]

How to add autocomplete to custom taxonomy for CPT

I was following this tutorial, and have it working like that fine. However, I am attempting to make this work to autocomplete based on the list from custom taxonomies I have created for a CPT. My search function looks like this, function hbgr_search() { $term = strtolower( $_GET[‘term’] ); $suggestions = array(); $input_args = […]

Take excerpt of the content of the post and send it as the title to create new post

Explaining my goal: I would create the title by taking the first words of the post content. Ex: In the Admin interface would be the title field blank and the first 10 words of content would be sent as a title when creating a new post. Thanks for any help.

How do I wrap 3rd party jquery scripts so that they work in wordpress?

I’m trying to include a jQuery autocomplete script in the header.php file of my theme. The script, outside of wordpress, works great using this structure (which is the same as the jQuery autocomplete demo): <script> $(function() { ….. }); </script> I’ve tried wrapping it like this: <script> jQuery().ready(function($) { $(function() { }); }); </script> The […]

Allow AJAX call to other roles than admin

On my website, registered users (subscriber role) can send drafts and, if admins validate them, they are published. I’m trying to add a tag box to frontend editor used to send new posts. To implement the autocomplete feature I’m making an AJAX call to this URL: That works great for an administrator user, but […]

Append Auto Suggest list to specific html tag?

Right now I have a script that auto suggests some post titles, using wordpress’ suggest.js <script type=”text/javascript”> var se_ajax_url = ‘<?php echo admin_url(‘admin-ajax.php’); ?>’; jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘#love-input’).suggest(se_ajax_url + ‘?action=se_lookup’, { onSelect: function() { thevalue = this.value; thevalue = thevalue.split(‘ (‘); jQuery(‘#love-input’).val(thevalue[0]); } }); }); However, it appends the list to the bottom of my body […]

jQuery UI Autocomplete showing all results

I’ve built an Autocompleting search box for WordPress categories (it’s actually a Custom Taxonomy), which works great (i.e it shows the categories when typed). However, when 1 key is typed, it will show all the results, regardless of the fact whether that string matches any of the categories. Here is my PHP code (autocomplete.php, in […]

ACF Relationship Field Search Filtering

I am trying to assign relate posts using the ACF relationship field. It has typeahead search to search by post titles. I would like to add meta_data search to the ACF relationship search. This question got my query working properly, but the search field still says there are no results. I think that the typeahead […]