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How to add multiple existing users to a multisite site?

I have a multisite instance of WordPress, and I need to add 50 existing users to each of 20 new sites. One by one is going to take a very long time, and will send each person 20 emails confirming that they have been added to the blogs. Is there a method I can use […]

How to incorporate Documentation into wordpress?

I am building a site, and I would like to have my documentation built into the site. For example if I use JSDoc to generate documentation for javascript, I get the auto generated files, I can just change the template to only output the content. I would like to generate WordPress pages for these automatically. […]

Auto add content such as pages upon plugin activation?

I’m creating my first plugin and it requires some pages with content to functionally work properly. I was wondering if it is possible to show a message like “Click here to automatically add the required pages for this plugin” in the wordpress plugins area. So when the user activates the plugin this message will show […]

Programatically Creating Initial WordPress Site

(I have found some links to customising an initial install like this one and this one, but unless I’m missing something – which is quite possible, they don’t answer my question) I’m wanting to set up a minimal WordPress install that users can then run with. I have written a script which downloads the latest […]

Is there any free (or cheap) software that can be used for testing WordPress functionality?

Is there any free (or cheap) software that can be used for testing WordPress functionality? I would like to create some test scripts and then them against my self-hosted WordPress installation.

Automatically create child pages when saving a (parent) page

I have a bit of a tricky one… I have a hierarchical Custom Post Type (‘shows’) that represents events. Is it possible for the user to create a new page (ie show), save the page and for WordPress to automatically create a defined set of child pages with defined names? Ideally each child page would […]

A Way to Auto update plugins using cron?

Is there a solution to keep plugins updated with wordpress by auto upgrade them without need to access to the admin panel every time?

Downsizing Many Large Images Attached to Posts, in Bulk?

(Moderator’s note: The original title was: “Shrink full size images in post”) I built a WordPress site for someone and they entered a ton of posts with images that are wider than the content area. Is there a way to shrink all of the image attachements to use a max width? They are entered as […]

How to add terms to taxonomy with wp_insert_terms?

I have a huge excel database of locations which I want to add as terms to my current taxonomy. However, I don’t know the best way to do this, as inserting manually could take weeks. I have looked at: but not sure how to use it correctly. My Taxonomy is called: location I would […]

XMLRPC and Underscored custom fields

I was creating my application to automate all of my blogs from my desktop. Target, I’ll post blog. That’s all. I used XMLRPC service, as you know “xmlrpc.php”. I built many of parts, near to done… But stucked at custom fields which are starting with (_) an underscore. I would like to save as “_thumbnail_id” […]