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Automating Page Creation

I have a huge website, with thousands of pages. It’s a reference site, with a page for every country, each U.S. state, every species of mammal, etc. I’ve tried WordPress on some smaller sites and love it. Now I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to convert my reference site to WordPress. So […]

Automate configuration after new/hosted installation

Lets say I launch a new WordPress site at a hosted provider such as WPEngine. As I start to configure my site (install a template, install plugins, create layout and content for my pages, etc.), is there a good way to record what I’m doing in code or otherwise codify and centralize those modifications so […]

Timed post and tweet?

I’m new to wordpress. Is it possible to say i would like to make this article public on this day and time AND have wordpress tweet it? Possibly tweeting the subject+link or a twitter msg i add in + link on that said time/date?

Repeatable configuration package

It’s normal that a developer or a shop will spend several hours on each project running the same configuration options (for permalinks, SEO options, user roles, plugins that you always use etc.). I’m coming from Drupal, where installation profiles have allowed me to preconfigure a set of configuration options that I can replicate across dozens […]

Automatically email daily archive

Is it possible to automatically email the daily archive.php page as an html email newsletter? For example, at 4am every weekday WordPress would send an email of the 2011/04/25/ page. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Auto create post title in admin

I want to be able to generate titles automatically for a certain custom post type in WP admin. Been looking for a solution but I’m not sure if I’m headed in the right direction by adding this hook – add_filter(‘the_title’, ‘cpt_title_filter’); function cpt_title_filter($title) { global $post; if ($post->post_type == ‘time’) { $title = ‘sample headline’; […]

Does wordpress allow me to add a php file to the root directory to execute custom scripts?

Does wordpress allow me to add a php file to the root directory to execute custom scripts? I need functionality similar to functions.php that you put into themes. Are there any work arounds that don’t involve modifying the config.php file?

New Gmail email to a WordPress new post?

I have seen several paid, free, trail, etc services (Zapier, IFTTT) where you can give your gmail email login info and WordPress setup info and it will automate certain processes. For example, once you receive a new email on Gmail, convert that email into a WordPress post. But the only thing that I am worried […]

Are plugins like WP Robot considered as spammy by the community?

WP Robot looks like a very powerful plugin, but one which could be used for all sorts of spammy websites. Just wondering what the general community opinion is of these plugins? Are they useful or damaging to a website?

Automatically set page order on create page

Is there a way to automatically set page order to the last order number upon creating new pages instead of having it set to 0?