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What request is WordPress sending on theme update?

I am working on standalone theme update script and need to find out what request ( if any ) is wordpress sending when you click on update theme? example info that WP “sees” for an update is this array ( [new_version] => ‘1.0.5’ [url] => ‘http://someurl’ [package] => ‘’ ) than you check the theme […]

SELinux security vs WordPress updates

We have a quite huge WordPress multi-sites installation with lots of themes/plugins. So we often have new available updates (core/themes/plugins). We don’t use automatic updates : AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED is true DISALLOW_FILES_MODS is false Indeed we use a security system on server side (Security-Enhanced Linux) that prevent file modification. We have to do the updates manually, by […]

What do WordPress auto updates include?

Ok so I know according to WordPress’ own article on this that the core gets security auto updates since 3.7. But my question is does that include all security fixes? I.e. if I have a site that does get auto updates say version 4.0 are there any security benefits to updating to 4.6?

How to back up and up date a site to a newer version?

Does anyone know the exact steps of how to back up an entire site and update the site to a newer version of WordPress. My client’s site hasn’t been updated in over 2 years due to previous self-host issues. I was told by a WordPress expert to update the site to the newest version of […]

Updating WP 3.9.5 without destroying my website

I have a WP website version 3.9.5 that I want to update to the new version. It was installed in 2014 so I have the folder themes: twentytwelve, twentythirteen, twentyfourteen, and the folder of the used theme ‘example-Theme’. All the files from ‘twentyfourteen’ where duplicated there, and made the edits on them. If I update […]

Check filter defined or not?

Is this possible to find out whether add_filter( ‘allow_major_auto_core_updates’, ‘__return_true’, 1 ); already added or not in some other plugin? or can i check this automatic updates set for particular WordPress site ? if they defined automatic updates settings via constant then we can get it from via if(defined (‘constant’) ){ //code here } if […]

How (or where) do I get wordpress plugin update download link?

When I update a plugin, that isn’t hosted on the repository, I often wonder “Where is the updated plugin being downloaded from?”. Any idear on how would I go about find out the update link?

IP addresses to block to stop WP auto-update?

I am trying to run WordPress 4.7.0 inside a docker container but the auto-update pushes me to 4.7.3. Now, I am aware that to stop auto updates I’d need to append the wp-config.php file in the back-end, but to do that, i’d need to mount the container and the directory where wp-config.php resides, but I […]

Why does WordPress 4.1 have an auto-update entry in wp_options?

Why exactly does WordPress 4.0.1 want to upgrade to 4.1 automatically? To be specific, I see in wp_options table, in option with name _site_transient_update_core, a serialized array with an update, AND an autoupdate: …O:8:”stdClass”:11:{s:8:”response”;s:10:”autoupdate”;s:8:”download”;s:57:””;s:6:”locale”;s:5:”en_US”;s:8:”packages”;O:8:”stdClass”:5:{s:4:”full”;s:57:””;s:10:”no_content”;s:68:””;s:11:”new_bundled”;s:69:””;s:7:”partial”;b:0;s:8:”rollback”;b:0;…. Why exactly is a major upgrade an auto-update this time? I don’t even have a WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE in my wp-config.

Why would a WordPress site go into maintenance mode without me doing anything?

This morning, my WordPress site went into maintenance mode without me having updated anything, and stayed there for about 10 minutes. What could have caused this? I have automatic security updates turned on, could it be that?