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How to Submit Post Via cURL & PHP

Thanks for reading. I’m trying to submit a post via PHP. I’m filling in a large number of posts from a good amount of data I’ve scraped so I need this to be automated. I don’t have the time (or desire) to manually input 700+ posts. I am versatile with programming, but newer to WordPress […]

On install, automatically create page and set it as front page

On install, I want a page automatically created and being set as front page. I able to create the page but unable to set it as front page. Below is WP Install Defaults codes which automatically create page after install: function wp_install_defaults( $user_id ) { global $wpdb, $wp_rewrite, $table_prefix; $now = current_time( ‘mysql’ ); $now_gmt […]

Automate configuration after new/hosted installation

Lets say I launch a new WordPress site at a hosted provider such as WPEngine. As I start to configure my site (install a template, install plugins, create layout and content for my pages, etc.), is there a good way to record what I’m doing in code or otherwise codify and centralize those modifications so […]

Automatically generator a WordPress installation on my subdomain

i am currently working on a project which i hope will result in a e-commerce platform as Shopify. The reason im building this project, are so my customers are able to pay monthly for day WordPress site. To the question, how can i make it possible to automatically generate a WordPress installation, when my customers […]

Automatically Add Page Links to Nav Menu

I wrote this code in my functions file to automatically add page links to the nav menu if a plugin is activated. It works perfectly on my test server but pages don’t load any content below the header on a live multisite installation. add_filter(‘wp_nav_menu_items’,’add_about_page_to_menu’, 10, 2); function add_about_page_to_menu( $items, $args ) { $url = home_url( […]

Automatic publishing after some fixed intervals?

Is it possible to publish “pending posts” automatically after some interval around the clock, using WP Cron or something else? I receive over 2000 posts daily, submitted by visitors, and they all go to pending status. I cannot edit and schedule each post. Just looking for a way to auto-post the pending posts with some […]

Are plugins like WP Robot considered as spammy by the community?

WP Robot looks like a very powerful plugin, but one which could be used for all sorts of spammy websites. Just wondering what the general community opinion is of these plugins? Are they useful or damaging to a website?

How to load script-related styles automatically?

Scenario: It is common that a JS dependency is bundled with a style file to work properly (just think about your favorite slideshow jQuery plugin). AFAIK, in this situation, the script and style have to be included in separate wp_enqueue_script and wp_enqueue_style calls. I am thinking about how to automate this process. A solution I […]

Feed format for woocommerce

I am using woocommerece for my website. I get product feed from different suppliers in excel format with different information in different columns (no consistency in product attributes such as price, title, image, stock etc.). Each time I get the feed, I need to adjust (do manual things) the csv to import to woocommerce and […]

Altered media sizes (in dash), not updating to existing images/posts

(I have searched but not found a satisfying answer – bear with me). I have a client that has a website with 1500 posts. Each post consists of ONE image, no text. I have changed to the Oria theme (and made a child), and in doing so need bigger images (scaling down is not a problem). […]