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Use Gravatar as fallback image if no local image is not found

I have been trying to use Gravator’s Identicon as the fallback image, is there is no image for a given user in a predefined image folder. consider the following scenario; User email : an image is uploaded to wp-content/images/users/ with the file name 0eb178cec364c022a189c3814e5f7483.jpg (The file name is generated with md5(“”.”customkey”);) If an imaage […]

How to restore $args for get_avatar custom “class”?

I’m aware that you can pass a custom CSS class name in to an avatar using… <?php echo get_avatar( $id_or_email, $size, $default, $alt, $args ); ?> Like… get_avatar( $current_user->user_email, 128, null, null, array(‘class’ => array(‘img-responsive’, ‘img-rounded’) ) ); But I am filtering get_avatar to replace Gravatar with a Media Library image, and the code seems […]

Cannot get local avatars to show

See updates below. I upgraded to 3.7.1 using svn. I did this on my localhost first to make sure everything is fine. Everything was, so I proceeded to do it on the server. However, on the server, the users’ avatars are not showing up and instead everyone is getting Gravatar’s mystery man. Here is the […]

Rectangle avatars

I’m using get_avatar() to output images of my users. Ref: The optional size parameter lets me specify a size. However, this makes a square avatar. How can I output an avatar that is rectangle. Something like width 300px and height 150px?

Alternative default avatar generator?

Most of the commenters at my WordPress blog do not have a Gravatar account. Hence the comment section is almost always filled with the same old mystery man avatars. I am looking for custom gravatar generators for commenters without their own avatar. So far I have only found Identicons, MonsterID’s, and Wavatars. I find some […]

get_avatar() default image not working as of wp 3.5

As of upgrading to wp 3.5 the get_avatar function started not pulling in my default backup image. This has worked for many years this way and curious to why it would stop. I am using the normal use of the function as this: the $url value is the correct path to my default image found […]

Uploading avatar from the frontend

in the codepad link you can find what I am using to edit profile from the front-end. The code is working (which I got from How to edit a user profile on the front end? and change some things for me to work correctly). I have installed Simple Local Avatar plugin to allow avatar […]

Prompt users to Upload Avatar on Registration

I saw a WP site that had users fill in their basic info and then it directed them to upload and Avatar. The site looked nice because most users had a picture even if they were’nt registered with Gravatar. Is there a plugin for this local Avatar upload?

How to remove unused avatar uploads in buddypress

Im seeing in my wp-content/uploads/avatars folder that there are tons of avatars from when I created test users, but changed the avatars. So, i’m assuming that even if the user changes their avatar, the old file remains? That seems like a build up of unnecessary img files. Is there a way to discard the unused […]

How to get larger version of author avatar

I am trying to incorporate author avatars into my posts by doing <?php echo get_avatar( get_the_author_meta(‘ID’), 150 ); ?> but I can’t go larger than 50x50px without it getting stretched (since the image is only 50x50px). It is using the BuddyPress thumbnail of the avatar. How can I get it to use a larger thumbnail […]