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How do I pull avatar from post using BuddyPress?

I’d like to pull the avatar of a blog post’s author and display it on the page using BuddyPress but I cannot seem to pull it off. How would I go about this?

Adding avatars/gravatar to a WordPress blog

I am trying to add avatars to my wordpress web site and I activated them through the settings – discussion as you would normally do. But because I have a very customised theme, I guess, it is not working. That is the code in my functions.php, where it shows the author and the comment, but […]

How do I get a post author's image/avatar via RSS from another blog?

I have 2 websites: one is a company website, the other is a blog for the company – these sites are on separate domains. On the homepage of the company website, there’s a square tile featuring the latest post from the blog, including the blog title (hyperlinked) and the post author’s picture/avatar. To retrieve the […]

Anyway of specifying avatar height & width?

I’m calling an avatar in a theme with get_currentuserinfo. The avatar appears at 96×96 pixel width & height. Changing that size is not problem. I made a custom function & shortcode to use it in the theme: function get_loggedin_avatar (){ global $current_user; $result = ”; if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { get_currentuserinfo(); $result = ‘<a href=”/myaccount”>’. […]

Give users alternative/second avatar that is rectangle sized

I am searching on and off for years. There are solutions so “crop” the avatar to rectangle. I want to have a second (alternative) avatar for my users to show on particular places on the site where the square avatar won’t fit; Let’s say in a message from user XYZ, his avatar is square (or […]

How to make current user's avatar + display name link to their profile?

I have searched and searched, but not finding a solution to my situation. I have a certain page where the user’s avatar and display name are displayed. Currently these items are not clickable and do not link to anything, however I need them to link to the user’s member profile when clicked. Here is the […]

Hexagon avatar with get_avatar()

I have the following code that fetches the avatar in WordPress <?php echo get_avatar(ThemexUser::$data[‘user’][‘ID’], 200); ?> and I would like to add the following clip-path into the avatar code: clip-path=”url(#myClip)” How would I do that?

Best way to tell if a comment is from a user?

I’ve got an if ($comment->user_id) block to pick an default admin comment gravatar (different than a non-user’s). But I’d still like this gravatar to be used if a user comments using their registered email, even if they comment while not logged in. What is the best way to test for this? EDIT I’m already using […]

Custom avatars in wordpress comments?

I’m looking for a way to let people connect with facebook when posting comments, and to use their facebook avatars as the avatar for the comments. How can this be done? Do I need to create a seperate user account for those people, or is their a way to simply store an avatar url for […]

Gravatar – Default IMG

Gravatar is slowing my website and I want to host mystery man on my main server. So this is my normal gravatar mystery man <img class=”avatar avatar-68 avatar-default” width=”68″ height=”68″ alt=”avatar” style=”width: 68px; height: 68px;” src=””></img> And I want to host it on my server, so I tried to use this php code function my_own_gravatar( […]