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How to get the Role Name of the current user? (WordPress)

I currently have this snippet: $user = new WP_User(get_current_user_id()); echo $user->roles[1]; and the output the slug of the bbPress forum role. (roles[0] would be the general WP role but I don’t need that.) What I need is the role name, not the slug. So, the expected output should be something like “Keymaster”, “Participant”, “Spectator” etc. […]

Can't Find BBPress data in Database

I have installed BBPress in my Buddypress Based WordPress Site. And i m unable to find any table of bbpress which contains data from the forum in my database. Where can i find it?

How do I Create Forums with bbpress Plugin that can only be Viewed by Logged in Users

I’m trying to configure forums using the bbpress plugin that can only be viewed by logged in users. I attempted creating them as private but found that sub-forums don’t show up on my root /forums page. Another forum suggested using is_user_logged_in() to determine whether or not forums are displayed. What is the best place to […]

Why does deactivating a plugin cause error: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”?

We recently deactivated the bbPress plugin because we don’t use it anymore. Immediately following that, no admin users can get into the dashboard without hitting the infamous: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page?” We tried removing ALL plugins to rule out a dependance from one of those, but it didn’t work.

Creating nested forum loops in bbPress

I’m creating a customised forums front page for bbPress, by listing forums in a different way to the bbPress default. Essentially what I’m trying to do is replace the use of bbp_list_forums() with a second, nested bbPress loop so that I have greater control over how the sub-forums are displayed. I know I can use […]

BBpress error wp-init

I installed bbpress with the latest wordpress version 3.8 and I receive an error: Notice: bbp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly. The current user is being initialized without using $wp->init(). Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 2.3.) in /public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3049 What does mean? Thanks

How do I redirect users after submitting a replies for moderation on bbpress?

After a user submits a new reply for moderation, the forum shows up again the same page, and with no explanation that the reply is awaiting moderation. Can I redirect the user to another URL with an explanation?

Arrange BBpress topics by created

The default setting in the bbpress forum topics is that the most active topic automatically gets on top (sorted by freshness). However, I wish to change this setting in descending order of topics created or by topic id. I have tried to locate the template file to make these changes but could not get. Any […]

How to change role titles in Bbpress?

Default role titles in BBpress are “Keymaster” and “Participant”. I want to change them. I tried the solutions in this page but they didn’t work in my bbpress. Probably, the solutions are for old versions of bbpress. I have version 2.2.x. How can I change role labels in bbpress?

bbPress or WordPress + forum plugin?

I’ve been using bbPress for a while and I’ve noticed some bugs in my fresh installs. This makes me wonder if I should consider to just use WordPress with a forum plugin. Any experience building a bbPress website? Do you recommend a WordPress plugin to build forums?