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Team Collaboration in WordPress

I’m trying to create a team collaboration tool on a WordPress site, basically like Slack ( I’m looking for somebody to be able to post a question/article/link/photo/document, then have a discussion around that– essentially a discussion board with the first post of each thread highlighted. Except that once people create something useful (i.e. discuss revisions […]

Include Buddypress & bbPress styles/scripts conditionally

I’m working on a custom theme that uses Buddypress and bbPress to add social network functionality. I’ve noticed that both plugins css and js (many files) are loaded on every page, even though none of the functionality is used there. For example, in my homepage I only have a link to the forums, so I […]

wp_list_authors() returning the wrong member url

I’ve recently started work on a site which includes both BuddyPress and bbPress. When I use the wp_list_authors() function the list returned to me links to each author’s BuddyPress profile. Disabling BuddyPress makes wp_list_authors() link to the author’s bbPress forum profile page. How can I ensure that wp_list_authors() returns links to each author’s standard author […]

I can't access my WordPress dashboard – shows Warning message

When I login in to my WordPress website, it shows this message: Warning: ksort() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given in <WordPress>/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/core/template-functions.php on line 316 Screen shot of the message:

Any Good WordPress Themes Compatible With The BBPress Plugin?

Does anyone know of any good wordpress themes that are compatible with the bbpress plugin? I’m looking for something with a good layout, preferably a magazine/news type theme. Thanks 🙂

How can i show Cubepoints ranks/points in bbpress replies

i’ve been searching for a while now on how to show Cubepoints Points and Ranks in bbPress replies right below the user avatar and name… Found the template file where to show the info, tho not sure this would be the correct one to grab the reply-author info, the “loop-single-reply.php” and just bellow bbp_reply_author_link(); i’m […]

How do I redirect users after submitting a topic for moderation?

I’m using bbPress (Version 2.5.3) with the plugin bbPress Moderation (Version 1.8.3) on WordPress 3.8.1. After a user submits a new topic for moderation, the forum shows up again without the new question, and with no explanation that the question is awaiting moderation. Can I redirect the user to another URL with an explanation?

How to filter bbPress replies (content)?

I wanted to know, how to filter bbPress replies ? ( i mean as the typical post’s the_content filter..) this one doesnt work: add_filter(‘the_content’,’custommm_functiooonn’); function custommm_functiooonn($content){ return ‘hiiiiiiii’.$content; }

Duplicate New User Registration notices (BuddyPress and bbPress both installed)

I am running WordPress 4.7.5. I have bbPress and BuddyPress plug-ins installed (and others). When a new user registers, I receive two identical email notices indicating New User Registration. Sent at the same time, same content, but with different message IDs. What’s more, in BuddyPress Activity feed, I show two identical activity items for “XXX […]

BuddyPress/bbpress: There was an error when creating the topic

When trying to create a new topic in a BuddyPress installation with integrated bbpress, I keep getting the “There was an error when creating the topic” error message. I’ve tried the following list of suggestions I found around the Internet: uncheck/check “enable forums” delete group, recreate it chmod 755 all of buddypress re-setup bbpress in […]