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Use blog as base for tags and categories

I have a site: build in wordpress. I set up the posts page as I want my tags and categories to be: instead of Any idea how I can do this? Thanks!

WordPress loop is not working

Can anyone tell me why this wordpress blog is looping the header and banner over and over? It seems like instead of just looping the post it is looping the whole page. This code is inside of my content.php file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link to my blog: <?php […]

How can I make my Blog category unindexed in Google?

My Blog posts can break my SEO, as they’re not about the themes my website discusses. So how do I avoid this?

How to set a certain Custom Template to a Single Blog Post

I need to set a custom created template to be used whenever a single blog post is displayed. I can see how to assign custom templates to pages under Page Attributes > Template, but how do I tell my WP site to use a custom template when displaying a single blog post?

How to make blog post entries appear as input form instead of just text?

I want my blog posts to appear inside of a form input box instead of just text on a page. Not the title, but only the submission. Is that possible. My index.php: <a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link to <?php the_title_attribute(); ?>”><b><?php the_title(); ?></b> = <div class=”entry”> <?php the_content(‘Read more &raquo;’); ?> </div> </div> […]

How to maintain wordpress site blogs in production and staging?

I work as a website admin in my company. We are selling digital products using WooCommerce. We wanted to have staging and production in order to avoid any site down. So in staging we use to create blogs from our blog team and then we’ll push it to production. The problem is when any post […]

How do I turn off the blog and archives?

Is there a fixed set of htaccess rewrite rules I can use to “turn off” everything blogging related? It’s not enough to just not show the links in the menu, I want to completely hide everything related to the blog part, including blog posts, archives, tag and category pages. So people or robots can’t come […]

Blog post – single.php url

I have a simple blog page that just lists blog posts on a page called ‘news’ I have a single.php page to display the actual post when it is clicked on ‘news’ The single.php displays the post but the url is Is this normal or should it be How cam I get […]

Hide a category of posts from main blog, and only show in category view

I would like to hide a post on the main blog page (run on index.php) and have it only show up when the visitor views a particular category. I have tried the following just before the loop: <?php query_posts(‘cat=-208’); ?> This hides the post in blog view as intended, but when I click into category […]

Exclude post category in a blog page

I have two links in “news” where all the news posts goes “blog” where the rest goes just wanted to exclude the category “news” in the blog page I use the code $news = new WP_query (‘category_name =-news’) and it is not working Essentially, I want tell wordpress, I want all the posts to go […]