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Multisite Pull Recent Image Attachments from Blog ID

I am creating a WordPress network and am looking for a way to pull recent images from the sub blogs, but I am having some trouble doing so. What is the easiest way to make this happen?

Multisite: I have a gap in my blogs. How to add the missing one?

So I deleted a few blogs that I no longer needed in my multisite…but I didnt realize that it would create a “gap” in my blogs. In other words I now have http://webaddress/wp-admin/network/site-settings.php?id=1 http://webaddress/wp-admin/network/site-settings.php?id=3 And the blog-id “2” is now missing. If I try to use that same link for example with “2” appended at […]

Get Permalink of Network Blog Post

I am trying to write a function that will allow me to specify a post ID and a blog ID, and then have it return the permalink and title of the blog post. I need this to be efficient because the function will be used in a foreach loop that could cause the function to […]

get_current_blog_id returns 1 in multisite setting

I am encountering rather a weirdo situation here. I am currently on a multisite and created a site. This site has a blog id of 3. However, whenever I call get_current_blog_id() it returns 1 (which is obviously a network id). I do not know why but there was definitely a change with the domain. example) […]

How can i get the last post from wp multisite?

I have to get the last post from my Multisite network on WordPress. For now I use this code for display the last updated post after a cycle on each blog_id: <?php $blogs = get_last_updated(‘ ‘, 0, 1); foreach ($blogs AS $blog); switch_to_blog($blog[“blog_id”]); $lastposts = get_posts(‘numberposts=1&orderby=date’); foreach($lastposts as $post) : setup_postdata($post);?> But if I want […]