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Having trouble showing more blog posts on my grid blog layout

I made a grid blog layout on my wordpress site and i got some help from a friend with some code. It shows 3 posts per row but it wont go past 2 rows so its only showing 6 posts when there is much more. I know I need to expand on my code to […]

Showing “best posts” in front page

What is the best way to Show my “best 5 posts” in the front page of my site ( The only way I have found to do this is by assigning a specific category to these post and show the category page. I do not want to introduce a new category for many reasons. But […]

Custom Theme Blog page not showing Posts

I am developing my custom theme in WordPress from scratch. Now when i am working with my blogs page its not showing any of the posts i have changed my “index.php” page but i think there must be some function that is missing from my “functions.php” page due to which my posts are not showing […]

Blog Posts not showing title

I have my Reading settings set to Static pages and blog is set to a page called What’s New. When I go to this What’s New page I can see the post content but the post title with link to post page is not displaying. I can only see the post content. I have done […]

Trouble getting the Blog page to show up correctly

I’m having a completely new problem and can’t figure it out so I’m hoping someone can help me. The website is It’s a big site that uses WordPress as a CMS primarily, and I have the blog page set to I’m using the .html on PAGES plugin to get the extension and I’ve […]

Defining different theme for Blog posts page

So, I’m using my wordpress with a static front page and then I have Blog link that opens the blog posts. My question is, how can I apply a different template/styling only to that area?

Custom fields won't display on my blog page

I created a custom field called ‘Page Description’ which I use to create a custom title for each static page of my wordpress site. I use the code: <?php echo get_post_meta(get_the_ID(),’Page Description’,true); ?> in my header.php. it displays in all of my pages except for my blog page. Can someone please help me figure this […]

wordpress blog posts's time

I want to show the blog posts’time like below: “A heading title , posted by XYZ, 1 hour ago” I want the time that says: 5 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 2 days ago 1 month ago like that. how can i get this working? i can’t get the exact wordpress API code to implement […]

Changing next and previous post link text

So I’ve been staring at the CodeX for about 10 minutes and can still not figure how to do this next and previous on a the post page. So I’ve added <?php next_post_link(); ?> and <?php next_previous_link(); ?> to my page and works perfectly but I want it to say Next Post and Previous Post […]

Best way to change the blog page post type?

what is the best way to change the wordpress blog page post type. by default it fetches the posts with post type is equal to posts but how we can change to to lets say posts type is equal to blog. One way is to add the costume query on the index.php page and selecting […]