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How to create Blog Post Specific Widget

I want to create widgets which will display based on post. I have considered the option of creating a widget post type using Advanced custom post type plugin and populate this widget while writing post. What I want to understand is, is there any out of box functionality available which can be achieved easily. Or […]

What is archive.php used for?

Dumb Questions Ahead: If index.php and archive.php are practically the same thing, what’s the point of having archive.php? When should I ever want to use archive.php over index.php? If I use front-page and Blog, it doesn’t switch to archive.php which you might expect to and then use index.php in the place of front-page.php.

index.php template is used instead of blog page

I am trying to set WordPress so that home page is static, and the blog page is a separate page. So, I created two page templates in my theme., lets call them home_template and blog_template. Then, I created two WordPress pages (from Pages -> Add New). The first page is called Home, and is using […]

Multiple Blogs on one site. Best Practise

I’ve been tasked with adding a blog to an already up and running client site. The site uses wordpress as it’s CMS already. So a blog install should be a relatively simply task and simply a matter of blending in the stylings of the blog to match the clients taste. However I get the sinking […]

Display content from a specific category

I’m trying to get my news page to display content from one category only (number 3) but I cant seem to get it to work. Instead of just displaying posts from category 3 it displays posts from all category’s. Here is my code: <?php get_header(); ?> <div class=”content news_page”> <h1>Latest News</h1> <?php $args = array( […]

How to get the list of posts in a static page other than front page?

So, for the thousands using WP as CMS, a typical approach is that of using the ‘A Static Page’ option from the Settings > Reading admin page. However, I’m in a different scenario: our front page is displaying static content (home.php template drives that), and we have a secondary static page (called News) which should […]

How can I have a static title on my blog page?

My blog page is not my homepage. How can I add a title to the top of the page? i.e. “My Blog”. Right now there is no title on the page. The title of the first post is at the top. (Sorry it’s on my local machine or I’d provide a link and I’m too […]

Setting a static home page and blog page without using the settings

This may seem like a stupid question, and it probably isn’t possible, but is it possible for me to set a static home page (using front-page.php) and a blog page (using home.php, I think) in my theme, and have the blog page appear on a separate slug WITHOUT changing the page settings in my WordPress […]

Automatically adding post and pages to new blog setups

I’m using the ThreeWP Broadcast plugin to add and control post and pages from the main blog to all my sub-blogs in the network. Is there anyway i can automatically add all of my post and pages from my main blog to new blogs I set up without having to go in each individual post […]

Exclude category on blog list page

I’ve got a site with a News page (archive for category ‘news’) and a separate Blog page. When I make a post for the News page I select the category ‘news’. So, on the news page you only see the posts marked news, but on the blog page you can see all posts. What I […]