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Mass removing CSS from 1,700 post

I just migrated from blogger to wordpress and I have over 1,700 post with this line of css in them .alignleft { float: left; } .alignright { float: right; } Along with some meta which shows up in wordpress post is there a way to mass edit the post and remove or hide this?

keep two blogs under the same domain

I am thinking about starting a self hosted wordpress blog. Currently, I own a blogger blog, written in portuguese. I’d like to have a blog about technology written in english at a domain, like, and my old portuguese blog transfered to or something like this. From what I’ve gathered, it’s possible to import […]

301 Redirect Code

I am currently trying to redirect a blog to a domain located on my hosted WordPress install. The code below is supposed to send a 301 redirect and then make that specific post appear on my blog but it appears to be directing the user only to the home page and not to the […]

Moved from Blogger to WordPress, however I can only see the Google 404 page

I’m using a Namecheap domain that I redirected and set up correctly. However when I use a proxy to view the domain, I see the coming soon page. Why can I not see the updated site? Thanks

Is there a way to import Blogger into bbPress?

I have a blog on Blogger that I would like to turn into a bbPress forum. This is a blog that has essentially been used as a forum, so bbPress is a better solution. Unfortunately, by default bbPress only seems to be able to import from phpBB and bbPress. I imported Blogger into WordPress as […]

How to Redirect huge numbers of URLs to another URLs?

I am going to move from Blogger to WordPress and I also don’t want to set earlier Blogger Permalink structure in WordPress. Now I want to know if there is any way to redirect URLs as mentioned below. Current (In Blogger): After (In WordPress): That means I want to remove my Blogger’s year […]

How pull wordpress blog data using Blogger API using python

WordPress mentioned that it supports Blogger API (link). So, can anyone tell me how to use Blogger API (using python) v3 to pull wordpress public blogs data. Or, is there any wordpress API to pull public data from its blogs? (Lang: Python). Any useful documentation that clearly explains the procedure would also be appreciated.