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Blogroll links sorted by category in a table

I would like to create a blogroll page with a table where the links would be in the left table division and the description in the right division. So far, everything works… Where it becomes tricky is that I would like a table for each link category. Unfortunately, the sql table links doesn’t have a […]

How to splice in wp_links links into the loop?

I want to create a loop where 2 or 3 items from my blogroll are spliced in like this: <loop> <post1> <post2> <blogroll1> <post3> <blogroll3> </loop> I’ll be using images and excerpts for the loop, and the goal is to get the wp_links links to display EXACTLY like the wp_posts, so if I can actually […]

How to add subcategories to the blogroll?

I’m looking for a way to create subcategories in my blogroll… For example: Downloads -> Windows -> Mac -> Linux I want to create a real page (not a widget) where the main categories and beneath the sub categories are listed… Is there any way?

Replace default Blogroll Links with Social Media Links

I’m creating a script that will remove the default “Blogroll” links in Links manager and replace them with an arbitrary listing of links, each with a custom css style name. It my case, I’ll be replacing them with my list of social media links and icons. In order to make this truly dynamic, I’ll be […]

Add blogs to “Blogs i Follow” sidebar

We’ve been reading through the documentation and watched a video, and gone through all the options in the Dashboard, but whenever we try adding links to the Blog Roll or ‘Blogs I follow’ section, they never appear on my blog. How do you add favorite links/links to blogs to the side of the blog?

Excluding specific widgets from default sidebar class

I have two sidebars using the register_sidebars function that display each widget as a list item with a class of .box: <?php if(function_exists(‘register_sidebars’)){ register_sidebars(2, array( ‘name’=>’sidebar%d’, ‘id’ =>’sidebar’, ‘before_widget’=>'<li class=”box”>’, ‘after_widget’=>'</li><!–box–><!–aside–>’, ‘before_title’=>'<h2>’, ‘after_title’=>'</h2>’, )); } ?> So the output goes something like: <div class=”side”> <ul> <li class=”box”> <div class=”textwidget”>Lorem ipsum</div> </li><!–box–><!–aside–> <li class=”box”> <h2>Blogroll</h2> <ul […]

Make blogroll links no-follow?

How can I add a nofollow option to my blogroll links editor? Attempted to just type “nofollow” into the “rel” input box, but its auto deleted onblur. If I turn javascript off (thanks to Matt’s suggestion below), It works, but when I check the source on my site, the rel attribute looks like this… rel=”nofollow"onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outbound/blogroll/');

Blogroll – Different layout for first post

I would like to have my main blogroll show 10 posts per page, but the first post of each page to be setup on a different div above the rest and have a featured image. This is what I sued for the first post of the page: // WP_Query arguments $args = array ( ‘pagination’ […]

WordPress theme ajax have_posts()

My goal here is to load the blogroll into my theme via ajax. But all that I can get as response is 0 (if I omit the die() line, else I get a blank response). Here is my code: js ajax: $.ajax({ url:””, type:’POST’, data:’action=load_men_blog’, //dataType:’html’, //cache: false, success: function(html){ $(“#b_contentwrapper”).empty(); $(“#b_contentwrapper”).append(html); } }); PHP […]

modifying a template and adding jQuery to it

There is a page template called “All Bookmarks” for displaying all links grouped by category. I want to modify it 2 ways: each category of links should be collapsible/expandable by clicking on the category header the template should accept a list of categories to either include or exclude For the collapsible part, assumably I need […]