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Enumerating over a category of links

I need to show a list of links, similar to what “Bookmarks” widget does. But Bookmarks widget is not suitable, because I need to display links (with removed “http://”) instead of titles and also images of a custom size. Bookmarks widget seems not to being able to do this. As such, I want to code […]

Getting only the most recent bookmark?

So, I was thinking I’d use WordPress’ Bookmarks/Links content type to populate a slider… …Except there are a grand total of four functions interacting with this part of WordPress. I don’t think you can even access these with a WP_Query object, and it seems all date-related data attached to these is in relation to the […]

WordPress links/bookmarks – need to urlencode because spaces are getting stripped

WordPress is stripping spaces out of links. For example putting this into the web address of a new link: there and saving results in this: I know that a space is %20 but my clients can’t be expected to use this. Plus they may be uploading PDFs/Word documents with spaces in the filename […]

How to do a custom bookmarks post type?

Let me first explain what I am wanting to do… I am wanting to add all my hundreds of website bookmarks that I have now in my browser, into wordpress for the following reasons. Can search my bookmarks by tags Can search my bookmarks by description and/or name Can access my bookmarks from anywhere Can […]

Wondering how to turn your firefox bookmarks into a WordPress blog?

I was wondering this, too. I tried and spent quite a few hours trying, but I was finally able to proceed. I discovered a few things that won’t be obvious to most people along the way, so I’m posting some steps here. You should be able to have this set up on a test server […]

Save Press This Posts in a Custom Post Type

I’m wondering, is there a way to modify the “Press This” bookmarklet so that posts are saved to a custom post type instead of to a post. Looking through, it doesn’t seem as if there are any actions that would let me do that, but I may be wrong. I know there have been a […]